Wayne Couzens ‘will soon wish he had been given death penalty’ – view from ex-inmate at HMP Belmarsh

Wayne Couzens will soon wish he had been handed the death sentence, according to a former inmate at the prison he will be held in.

The murderer of Sarah Everard, who was told this week he will die in prison, will be a prime target for fellow prisoners to attack at HMP Belmarsh, the ex-inmate said.

And Couzens will have to live in constant fear of attack from fellow prisoners due to his background as a police officer and for his appalling crimes, the Mirror reports.

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Couzens is being held at the moment in a segregation unit that is designed for those at risk of self-harm and others such as child sex offenders.

Belmarsh is a Category A prison – meaning it is in general reserved for inmates viewed as a threat to the public, the police or national security.

Previous inmates include Soham killer Ian Huntley, MP-murderer Thomas Mair, black cab rapist John Worboys and Manchester arena bomber Hashem Abedi.

Now a former inmate has warned the ex-Met Police officer will be at risk for his entire life.

“He’s going to wish in four or five years that they had hanged him,” said Prison magazine Inside Time’s commissioning editor Noel Smith.

“This guy is a bit of a unique case because most police officers don’t get done for murder and when they do time, they do two or three years then go to open prison where no one’s going to touch them because they’re all looking to get out.”

He said the rapist could be stabbed, maimed or even scalded with boiling water inside.

And he warned that even “petty thieves” will be desperate to harm Couzens, who has been told he will die behind bars for murdering the 33-year-old.

The killer will be assessed at Belmarsh prison in south-east London before it is expected he will enter a network of five highest security prisons.

This so-called ‘dispersal system’ allows for inmates be transferred without warning to keep them or prison guards safe.

Smith, a reformed robber who spent 11 years in jail of a 26-year sentence, said: “When you’re doing life, you never move down a category so you’re always with the worst offenders.

“People will be queueing up to get at him, right down to the petty thief who wants to make a name for himself.”

Couzens admitted raping and murdering Sarah Everard, having used his police warrant card to falsely detain her at the height of lockdown.

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Handout CCTV dated 04/03/21 taken between 8.00pm and 8.02pm issued by the Metropolitan Police of Wayne Couzens entering the store to purchase a packet of hair bands at a Tesco Superstore in Kensington, west London. Former Metropolitan Police officer Wayne Couzens has appeared at the Old Bailey in London, on Wednesday for the first day of a two-day sentence hearing after pleading guilty to the kidnap, rape and murder of Sarah Everard. Issue date: Wednesday September 29, 2021.

The married father-of-two was twice taken to hospital with head injuries in March after charging at the walls while being held in the cells.

He had to be put on suicide watch.

A source in the Prison Service told the Times : “They are going to have a hard time protecting him – every prisoner in the country is going to want to a pop at him.”

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