Why Wanstead in East London has much to enjoy in autumn

Autumn is a lovely time of year, with the September sun setting all around.

A peaceful walk through Bush Wood, with its towering oaks, round onto the Flats bathed in sunlight.

The bird watchers are out to see the migrant birds coming through the area. Winchats, Wheatears, Stonechats and Spotted Flycatchers are among the regulars. A number of buzzards have also been circling above.

One rare visitor was a Wryneck that settled around the skylark enclosures.

I’m still hoping to see the Wryneck.

The now fairly long resident Black Necked grebe mixes with Little grebes on the Alexander Lake.

Runners and the occasional cyclist go past, mothers and fathers pushing prams enjoying the sun. Peace abounds.

Cutting across from the Flats to Wanstead Park, the long horned cows graze by the bottom of the Glade, near the Ornamental lake.

The park’s very own bit of rewilding.

Popular visitors being given due space in the park.

The park has been a place of solace, particularly during the pandemic, with visitors up 500 per cent.

There has been an opening up of the park to cycling, which seems to be going well.

The blackberries are finishing, as are some of the fruits in the wild orchard of the Roding Valley Park. Some wild hops are still around.

The harvest is rich in so many different ways.

The Roding Valley has been another great place for relaxation during the pandemic, walking alongside the River Roding or cutting back onto some of the heathland areas.

Sweet chestnuts are beginning to come and the horse chestnuts tumble from the row of trees along St Marys Avenue.

A lovely time of year, as the nights close in and the season turns towards winter.

Paul Donovan is a Redbridge Labour councillor for Wanstead village and blogger. See paulfdonovan.blogspot.com


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