What life is like in London town that’s one of the filthiest in the UK

East London residents said their town has become a “dumping hotspot” with fly-tipping common across the area.

Locals in Newham say piles of rubbish are constantly dumped at the side of the road until it is eventually cleared away by the council.

Rubbish bags and piles of litter next to public bins and on street corners are common in Newham, as the council struggles to clear up trash.

Newham is the worst borough in London for household recycling, according to figures by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and the second-worst authority in the whole of the UK.

Residents also said that the council’s introduction of a £20 charge to take away large items of rubbish was fuelling the problem, with many in the area struggling or simply refusing to pay the fee.

Mr Rahman, who lives in Newham with his young family, said that fly-tipping had become a serious problem in his area and that he now wanted to move away.

Large items including fridges and mattresses are dumped on the side of the street

He said: “There are severe issues. On the corner it’s become a dumping hotspot. It’s not just people coming and dumping in the street, it’s people local to this area.”

He added that items dumped on a nearby corner included: “Sofas, mattresses, chest of drawers, all sorts of things.

“Six bulky items cost £20 [to be removed by the council] – because of that fee people are dumping. For a lot of people £20 is a lot, but most of it is landlords who don’t want to pay. It’s a hygiene issue – it’s just not sanitary.”

“We are looking to move out as soon as we can. I’ve been here since 1985… It’s not a street where I would want to bring up young kids anymore.”

Christine Coultrup, who has lived in Newham for 44 years, said that she has seen the rubbish become worse over time.

She added that although bin collection was good in the area, fly-tipping was rife.

Christine Coultrup Newham resident

Christine said that while bin collection was usually good in Newham, dumping was an issue

She said that the issue was “not so much the bins but the fly-tipping. On the corner there’s always rubbish there.

“Now they’ve started to charge £20 to take rubbish away. Earlier this year I was prepared to pay but they said they couldn’t take it away anymore because of Covid.”

She added: “I have been here for 44 years and watched the deterioration of it. It used to be such a nice area. Now the whole area is rough.

“I have got no complaints with our binmen whatsoever, it’s just people dumping their rubbish.”

Newham resident Suresh Dubasia also said that he was frustrated with the level of fly-tipping.

He said: “It’s quite bad here actually. I’m getting fed up with people dumping at the end of the road.”

He added that although the council were consistent in picking up household bins and clearing away fly-tipping.

“It shouldn’t happen in the first place,” he said. “The council are quite good – every week they do come.”

The Local Democracy Reporting Service contacted Newham Council for comment.

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