London: Driver of £100,000 Tesla smashes into bus with ‘falcon wing’ door

The driver surprisingly drove off with the door raised (Picture: YouTube/Rahul R)

A driver smashed a top-of-the-range Tesla into a stationary double decker bus after forgetting to close one of its distinctive ‘falcon wing’ doors.

The crash was recorded by a witness on Chase Side in Southgate, north London, on Saturday at about 4.45pm.

Incredibly, the Model X driver appeared not to notice the double-hinged rear door was fully open.

Footage showed the car leaving a parking bay with the door both jacked into the air and jutting out into traffic.

It’s driven perilously along the road, past a row of gridlocked cars before smashing into the driver’s window of a 125 bus.

After shattering the glass, the door bends back and hits the side of the bus, before the driver brings the Tesla to a halt.

The video shows the bus rocking up and down seconds after the impact.

It is unclear how the motorist was not alerted to the open door by the car’s alarms, or even failed to notice it.

Transport for London’s head of bus business development Tom Cunnington said it would have been ‘very frightening’ for the bus driver.

He said: ‘We are aware of an incident involving a route 125 bus on Saturday in Southgate, and a video on social media of the incident that shows what happened from an onlooker’s perspective.

‘This would have been a very frightening experience for the bus driver, who we wish well, and we are supporting the bus operator’s ongoing investigation.’

Tesla drives off with one door open and smashes into London bus

The winged door smashed into the bus twice (Picture: YouTube/Rahul R)

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Tesla advertises the Model X as being ‘built for safety’ and offering ‘incredible occupant protection’, with features including automatic emergency breaking.

It was first launched by Elon Musk’s electric-car company in 2015 and is Tesla’s most advanced yet.

The car boasts radar and sonar systems enabling partial self-driving and an air filtration system or ‘bioweapon defence mode’ which Mr Musk claims can filter out viruses. has approached Tesla for comment.

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