How to avoid the hike in Heathrow travel costs

A trick to avoid the hike in the cost of taking public transport between central London and Heathrow Airport has emerged. Several online blogs are advising budget-conscious travellers they can sidestep a... Read more »

Tiny London flat costs a whopping £900-a-MONTH… but it’s missing 3 key features – and everyone’s saying the same thing

A TINY room which has been described by the landlord as “everything one person needs in small doses” is up for rent – at an eye-watering £900-per-month. The landlord, known as Ahmad,... Read more »

Even renting a ROOM costs £800 pcm in London…

A new market snapshot suggests that the cost of renting just a room in London has reached an average of over £800 per calendar month. Data from flat sharing website SpareRoom shows... Read more »

Car hire costs double compared to pre-pandemic prices | News

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Ukrainian refugees turn to food banks as UK hosts struggle with costs | Food banks

A London host of a Ukrainian family has written to her local food bank “begging for help” because rising energy costs mean she can no longer afford to feed her new guests.... Read more »

Tiny studio flat costs almost £1,000-a-month is so small the shower is in a wardrobe

A 10sq m studio flat in Kensington, West London, doesn’t have its own toilet or an oven but will set tenants back £940 per month – and that’s even with the rent... Read more »

Home Office backs down over travel costs for Eritrean refugee sitting GCSEs | UK news

The Home Office has backed down part way through a high court hearing after an orphaned teenage asylum seeker from Eritrea feared she would be unable to sit her GCSE exams next... Read more »

Tower block developers scale back London projects over higher costs

Tower block developers are pulling back from London as the costs of doing business in the capital mount, adding to the mayor’s challenge in tackling the city’s chronic housing shortage. Developers submitted... Read more »

‘I tried the Dalston Ethiopian restaurant that’s one of the best in London where a main costs just £8’ – Ayokunle Oluwalana

As prices soar around us and the cost of living gets increasingly more expensive each day, finding a bargain is always welcome. Whether that be a buy one get one free type... Read more »

London property: The Chelsea two-bed home that only costs £150,000 despite having the best view imaginable of Thames

A riverside boathouse with unmatched views of the Thames has gone on the market for £150,000. The two-bed home is described by the estate agents – River Homes – as “a great... Read more »