Asda Isle of Dogs, East Ferry Road re-development approved

Asda Isle of Dogs, East Ferry Road re-development approved

A hybrid planning application for the re-development of the site at 151 East Ferry Road dates back to 2019, when it was proposed by Asda and Ashbourne Beech Property. 

Tower Hamlets Council formally issued a decision notice yesterday (July 1) when it confirmed its approval. 

The approved plans are extensive, including a new petrol station, hundreds of homes and parking spacesThe approved plans include around 2,000 homes, a new supermarket, school, petrol station and parking spaces (Image: Google Maps) The 11.2-acre site is now occupied by the Asda Isle of Dogs supermarket, which is believed to be 25-years-old.

A petrol station, bus stands and a 600-space car park makes up the remainder of the land. 

The Isle of Dogs store has experienced several technical difficulties in the past few months, including power cuts that have forced the store to close on occasion.

Under the plans, the supermarket would be demolished and rebuilt to serve an estimated 60,000 shoppers a week, with a new petrol station, bus facilities, and up to 410 new parking spaces.

The council approved the proposal after five years of deliberations over the details of the developmentThe council approved the proposal, which was first submitted in 2019 (Image: Google Maps)
The application includes outline plans for up to 1,446 homes built in four tower blocks ranging from 12 to 32 storeys high.

Full details are submitted for 526 homes, commercial floorspace, including the new 17,087sqm supermarket and a primary school among other details.

The official approval for the plans from the council comes after London’s deputy mayor for regeneration, Jules Pipe CBE, said he was happy for the council to decide on the application.

A supporting document with the plans said that in line with reported high demand from the public, Asda wished to retain the petrol filling station  separate to the store to draw away traffic from the centre of the development. 

Underground parking is also expected to serve new retail space that will replace an existing shop unit to the south-west of the site which was built in the 1980s. 

When finished, the new Asda store alone will span around 4.2 acres of land. 

The extensive application was split into three areas, with Area 1 comprising of residential buildings and a stand-alone primary school plot.

The current store has been experiencing some technical difficulties in recent weeksThe current Asda store  (Image: Google Maps) The school will teach an estimated 630 pupils a year across three classes per key stage group from reception to year six, according to the supporting documents.

A nursery will also feature on the site.

For Areas 2 and 3, only the ground floors of the buildings will serve a residential purpose. 

Remaining floor space will be dedicated work spaces and commercial units.

The supermarket site is nestled closely to Mudchute FarmThe supermarket site is nestled close to Mudchute Farm (Image: Google Maps)

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Provisions have been made to create new vehicular and pedestrian access across the site, with hopes for improved links to Millwall Dock and the East Ferry Road entrance to Mudchute Park. 

The 410 additional car parking spaces will be created along with dedicated cycle parking. 

The hybrid development plans are expected to get underway within the next three years to comply with planning laws.

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