Runaway horses that bolted through London while injured pictured as they make ‘remarkable recovery’ | UK News

Runaway horses that bolted through London while injured pictured as they make ‘remarkable recovery’ | UK News

Two of the horses who were injured when they bolted through central London have been pictured together for the first time since the incident.

The pictures released by the British Army show two of the horses, Quaker and Vida, together in a sunny meadow.

They were among five horses spooked by builders dropping rubble from a height “right next to them” in central London in April.

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Horses cause ‘mayhem’ in London

In a statement the British Army said: “Three of the horses injured in the incident are now back on duty and, against all expectations, are looking likely to take part in the King’s Birthday Parade on 15 June.

“The remaining two are recuperating in the country but look set to return to work in due course.”

Five soldiers were also injured in the incident in April and the British Army confirmed they are making good progress.

“Three of the injured soldiers are back on duty and two are continuing to convalesce but are also expected to make a full return to service.”

Quaker. Pic: MOD

Tennyson has since returned to London. Pic: MOD

Tennyson has returned to London. Pic: MOD

The incident in Belgravia left two of the horses, Vida and Trojan, in serious condition. The duo were the ones seen dashing through the streets of London covered in blood.

City of London Police managed to capture them after nearly half an hour, with the horses bolting six miles from Wilton Crescent to Limehouse.

A map of where the horses travelled

A map of where the horses travelled

Lieutenant Colonel Mathew Woodward, commanding officer of The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment (HCMR), said the five are “recovering with remarkable speed”.

He added Vida and Quaker are “are enjoying a summer holiday in the Chilterns thanks to The Horse Trust”.

Jeanette Allen, Horse Trust chief executive officer, said helping the horses “after such a challenging experience, is a real joy”.

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The King could see three of the horses in their first appearance since the incident at Horse Guards Parade in Whitehall.

However, it is understood the monarch will inspect the soldiers from a carriage rather than on horseback.

Lt. Col. Woodward previously said the HCMR exercises around 150 horses on the roads and in parks every morning, partly to help desensitise them to city noise.

He said on social media in April: “Thankfully, considering the frequency of exercise and numbers of horses involved, this type of incident is extremely rare, we continue to strive to minimise the risk of this recurring.”

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