Watch: Breaking The Continental Barriers, Bun Maska Lands In London

Watch: Breaking The Continental Barriers, Bun Maska Lands In London

Tea is more than just a beverage in India. With emotional meaning attached to it, this drink is capable enough to lift your mood any time of the day. But let’s be honest pairing it with bun maska is like adding a crown to your breakfast menu. Well, the love for bun maska and chai is no longer limited to India. The London-based Chai Guys Bakehouse has expanded its menu only to add every tea-lovers favourite bun maska. A British content creator – London Ki Lali – shared a video, announcing the big news. The clip opens to show the owners of the café calling her from a distance by saying, “Hey Lali, come back we have got bun maska,” while pointing to the plate and a teacup in their hands. 

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Next, a voice-over can be heard saying, “This is Chai Guys Bakehouse bun maska with our own little twist! It’s a Japanese milk dough with a beautiful soft honey butter in between.” The clip concluded with Lali dipping a slice of lip-smacking bun maska in a piping hot cup of tea and gorging on it. The video was shared along with the text, “Fresh Bun Maska is available at Chai Guys Bakehouse on Weekend Afternoons!”

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In no time, the video garnered 621k views and 26.1k likes. The comments section was also filled with innumerable Indians expressing their views. Pointing out London Ki Lali running towards the dish, a foodie wrote, “I will legit run the same way.”

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Another said, “Honestly, I 100% understand the frantic running.”

“Finally Indian food winning hearts all over the world,” wrote a proud Indian.

Some advised them to add kulhad in their cafe, as a user commented, “Please introduce kulhad (earthen teacups)”

Another foodie advised, “Add ginger tea to the poll guys, ginger tea is the best tea.”

A bun maska fan wrote, “Bun muska and chai is the best.”

Have you tried Mumbai-style bun maska? Do tell us in the comments.

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