London hosts 2024 OFSAA | CTV News

London hosts 2024 OFSAA | CTV News

The best young runners, jumpers, and throwers from every corner of the province have landed in London, Ont. for the 2024 OFSAA Track and Field Championships.

Up to 2,800 athletes from 580 schools are competing in the event at Western Alumni Stadium.

Organizers say we can expect to see records broken over the next three days. Spectators will also get the chance to witness the athletic prowess of Olympic hopefuls.

OFSAA 2024 convener Todd Mackay said it takes tremendous discipline to compete at this level.

“In track and field, it’s an individual sport and you’re sort of racing against other athletes, and you get out of it what you put into it,” Mackay explained. “So the mental and physical resolve it takes to compete in track, and especially when you get to this level, is high. I often encourage my other athletes in other sports to do track and field because there’s nothing quite like it.”

According to the OFSAA organizing committee, Olympic decathlete Damian Warner will be present as this year’s OFSAA Ambassador.

Former heptathlete Jessika Zelinka and former Olympic discus thrower Jason Trunks will be on hand to present medals.

The last time London hosted the event was in 2010.

The OFSAA Track and Field Championships run through Saturday.

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