Poonam Hayre Khakh: A Journey from West London to Global Autism Awareness Advocate, Business News

Poonam Hayre Khakh: A Journey from West London to Global Autism Awareness Advocate, Business News

Poonam Hayre Khakh: A Journey from West London to Global Autism Awareness Advocate

Born and raised in Hounslow, West London, Poonam Hayre Khakh’s life is a compelling story of resilience, devotion, and transformation. Brought up by her mother—a strong and inspiring individual who single-handedly raised three daughters—Poonam learned the importance of strength and determination from a young age.

After completing her education at the University of East London, where she developed her resilience and ability to care for herself, Poonam embarked on a promising career with the London Fire Brigade. Over a decade, she honed her skills in recruitment and selection, a role that demanded precision and empathy in equal measure. However, the trajectory of her professional life changed dramatically when she chose to prioritize her family, dedicating herself to her two sons diagnosed with autism.

Both of Poonam’s older sons are non-verbal, navigating a world that often misunderstands their needs. The intensive care they require led Poonam to become deeply involved in their therapies, including Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Occupational Therapy (OT). These therapies are crucial for their development, helping them improve communication skills and perform daily activities independently. Poonam’s youngest son, Jayan, born amidst these challenges, brought a new dimension of joy and discovery to her life, enriching her journey as a mother.

Residing in Gravesend, Kent, with her husband and sons. Poonam’s daily life revolves around managing the specialized educational and therapeutic needs of her children. Her eldest son attends Ifield School, her middle son goes to Milestone Academy, both schools specializing in supporting children with special needs, and her youngest is enrolled at Bronte Nursery.

Amidst managing these responsibilities and her personal struggles with depression and anxiety, Poonam felt a strong desire to connect with and contribute to a larger cause. She recognized a significant need for greater autism awareness, particularly within the Asian community where it is often misunderstood. Motivated by this, and the need to regain her own sense of self after years of prioritizing her family, Poonam made the bold decision to enter the Mrs. India Worldwide beauty pageant.

Her participation in the pageant was supported wholeheartedly by her husband and family, who saw this as an opportunity for Poonam to make a difference while rediscovering her own strength. Her journey through the pageant included engaging in various social media challenges and public speaking opportunities, which not only helped rebuild her confidence but also highlighted her advocacy for autism awareness.

From over 5,000 contestants, Poonam’s dedication and charisma propelled her into the top 105, leading her to the finals in Dubai, where she was crowned Mrs. India Worldwide Social Welfare 2024. With this new platform, she is determined to continue her advocacy work, using her title to promote understanding of autism and to support other families dealing with similar challenges.

Looking ahead, Poonam plans to use her experiences and her title to educate and inspire communities about the realities of living with autism. She is especially focused on empowering other mothers by encouraging them to share their stories, thereby fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment.

Poonam’s journey from a dedicated professional in London to an international advocate is not just her personal victory but a beacon of hope and inspiration for many. Her story underscores the impact of individual courage and the profound influence of community support, highlighting how one person’s dedication can spark significant change in societal perceptions and support structures. We wish her all the very best in her new journey.

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