Karousel Music East London Showcase

Karousel Music East London Showcase

Karousel Music’s East LDN Showcase takes to the stage this evening at Paper Dress Vintage in Hackney. Sponsored by SESAC and MMF, this event is designed to boost industry visibility for up-and-coming artists, with industry professionals attending for free and all public ticket revenue going directly to the artists and the sound engineer. The evening kicks off with an industry drinks reception at 6.30pm, followed by live performances starting at 7.45pm.

Tonight’s line-up features Ruby Duff, Sister, Holly Riva and Rico Furs – each bringing their own unique sound and style. This showcase provides a platform for these artists, aiming to connect them with influential industry figures and enhance their profiles. With a mix of genres and performances, the event underscores Karousel Music’s dedication to fostering new talent.

Ruby Duff

“Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Ruby Duff: eccentric and honest music for the unconventional pop lover. The Yorkshire born artist is inextricably pushing boundaries with her quirky songwriting and visceral live performances”.

Ruby has seen strong support from BBC Radio 1, NPR, Wonderland, Notion and more. You will have seen her recently headlining shows including Club Groove (New York) and Laylow (London) and festivals Live At Heart Festival (Sweden) and Beyond The Music (Manchester). She has also supported renowned acts Twin Atlantic, Coeur De Pirate and Dylan And The Moon. 

🎧 Listen to ‘I Guess We Belong Here’ here

Holly Riva 

“Inspired by the evocative ballads of Lennon Stella, the electronic pop prowess of Billie Eilish, and the edgy melodies of Dove Cameron, it’s not just about the music for Holly; it’s about the stories she weaves – stories that delve into the complexities of mental health, toxic relationships, confidence, sexuality and the pursuit of equality”. 

🎧 Listen to ‘Labyrinth (Mask Of Me)’ here


“Hailing from East London, this sibling duo channels their shared passion into a sound that packs a punch. Inspired by artists both past and present, from the White Stripes, to Yeah Yeah Yeahs, to T Rex, Sister is bringing an aggressive fresh take on rock into 2024. Their music is a sonic journey, characterised by hard-hitting choruses, gritty riffs and dark melodies”.

🎧 Listen to ‘Feel It’ here

Rico Furs

“Born and raised in East London, this spirited duo are no strangers to creating music inspired by the diversity of their city. Their style blends the expression and dynamics of jazz and soul with the raw, guitar-driven energy of the bands of the 1990s and 2000s. Having worked together as bandmates in Guerrilla Soul, and having both moved back to London from Manchester in early 2023, the boys are now working on their first EP, due to be released in November 2024”.


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