Boy, 5, dies after falling from apartment block in east London | UK News

A five-year-old boy has died after falling from an apartment block in east London.

Police said they were called just before 6am this morning to reports a child had fallen from a height near Plaistow.

A neighbour who rang the emergency services after the incident said the child’s father was left inconsolable.

Ansert Davis, who lives in Jacob’s House, said he saw the boy’s father after the tragic fall.

“He’s rolling on the floor, saying his son. I just ran down and tried to speak to the dad but he’s inconsolable,” he said.

Mr Davis, who had seen the family playing on the swings before, said the boy’s mother was “distraught”.

He saw another neighbour run out to try and help.

“She came running around, took one look at the child and turned back shaking,” he said.

A woman leaving flowers near the apartment block. Pic: PA

A member of a community garden in Wood Green  left flowers from the garden at Jacob's House. Pic: PA

A member of a community garden in Wood Green left flowers from the garden at Jacob’s House. Pic: PA

Visibly emotional, he added: “I keep seeing the image in my head. It’s so sad, I’ve got a grandkid about this age. Oh my God, it’s like seeing your own kids.”

Another resident of Jacob’s House, who gave his name only as JJ, said the boy lived on the 15th floor.

He said he witnessed a man attend the boy and cry out: “No, my son”.

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The resident added: “The paramedic was shaken up.

“The paramedics were here about 6am, 6.10am maybe. They were here quickly.”

Another resident, who did not give their name, said the boy was an Arsenal supporter. They said: “He’s a nice boy, a really nice boy.”

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A spokesperson for the Met said: “At the scene a five-year-old boy had fallen from an upper floor of an apartment block.

“Despite the efforts of emergency services he sadly died at the scene. His family are aware and are being supported.”

The death is being treated as unexpected and enquiries are under way, officers said.

There have been no arrests.

Newham Council extended their condolences to those affected and said staff were on site to provide reassurance to residents as authorities work to establish what happened.

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