Dog dies in central London fire

Dog dies in central London fire

London Fire Department crews dealt with an intense blaze at 275 William St., in the city’s SOHO neighbourhood, Wednesday afternoon.

District Chief Nick Hewetson said crews were called to the house at around 1 p.m.

He said the building appears to have four separate residences, with fire crews focused on an upper-level apartment where the fire was contained, “They made entry and found large quantities of smoke, high heat, and a lot of flames.”

Despite those conditions, Hewetson said crews were able to knock the fire down quickly.

He told CTV News, “All occupants did self-evacuate. We did located one deceased pet and one alive.”

One resident was relieved to find her one dog in the care of firefighters on May 15, 2024, but was visibly upset to learn another dog had died. (Gerry Dewan/CTV News London)

A woman arrived at the scene, overjoyed to find one of her dogs in the care of firefighters, but then becoming visibly upset when she learned her other dog had died.

“We did have a compromised attic,” explained Hewetson. “So until our inspectors can go inside and verify the cause, all occupants will have to remain out until we deem the building safe.”

Firefighters and police will also need to conduct an investigation before occupants can be let back in.

Hewetson said the fire department will work with social service agencies to ensure those who have been displaced will have a place to stay.

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