‘London Has Been Indianised’, Viral Video Shows Crowd Of Passengers Breaking Queue To Board Bus

The public transport system in India, be it buses or trains, is notoriously overcrowded, and one must consider themselves lucky to get inside one and find enough space to stand, let alone a seat to sit during the journey. The Mumbai Local trains, often dubbed as the lifeline of Mumbai, have for a very long time been plagued with overcrowding, and people have somehow accepted it as normal. 

Crowd swarms London bus

But can you imagine something like this happening in a European city that has a much better public transport system? A video has gone viral on social media showing a crowd of passengers attempting to board a bus. According to reports, the video was shot in Ruislip, a suburb of London. 


In the video, the crowd of predominantly South Asian passengers is seen trying to board the bus in a chaotic manner. Two White women are also seen behind the crowd, apparently unable to compete with them to get on the bus. 

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The video, posted on Monday, said: “Trying to board the bus in Ruislip is not for the weak.” 

Trying to board the bus in ruislip is not for the weak pic.twitter.com/mw2gX74CPT

— UB1UB2 West London (Southall) (@UB1UB2) May 13, 2024

Learn to queue-up

The video has since gone viral with many lamenting how the public transport system has become inefficient. Many others also pointed out that most of the passengers were migrants and that they had failed to adapt to the local ways. 

“The great British art of queuing isn’t something some people have heard of,” one person wrote, while another said, “learning how to queue must be a prerequisite for British nationality.” 

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London has been Indianised

“London has been Indianized. Look at those two poor white middle-aged ladies standing impotently on the sidelines knowing fully well they can’t board,” wrote a social media user. 

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“I wish the bus driver made them all deboard until they demonstrate how to form a line and enter the bus one at a time,” wrote another user.

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