Gas prices in London | CTV News

Drivers were faced with some big numbers at the pumps Thursday morning.

The price of gas shot up over night by about 15 cents to around $1.79 per litre.

Analysts say the spike is due to three major factors- tensions in the Middle East, the recent carbon tax increase, and a switch-over from the winter to the summer gas blend.

Drivers CTV News spoke with say the increase will make the cost of living even more unaffordable.

“It was crazy ‘cause last night I think it was only a dollar fifty. Now it’s like almost 1.80, right? I mean you still have to get gas anyways,” said one driver.

Another driver said, “It’s not great. Don’t love it. It’s a little bit stressful. Lucky enough I don’t have to pay for gas, I have a gas card for work. But I know a lot of people who are pretty stressed out about it.”

“Just take it as it is, because what are we going to do right? Once they make the laws that’s it, that’s done right? So yeah, that’s life,” said another driver.

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