London Transit audit supported by council

There is unanimous support for a performance audit of London Transit Commission (LTC).

An audit would evaluate both the operations and performance of local bus service.

On Tuesday, a council committee voted 14-0 (Coun. Stevenson absent) to recommend an independent audit of the organization.

The decision comes on the heels of difficult multi-year budget deliberations between council and the LTC.


Specifically, the proposed audit would investigate

  • current routing of service
  • organizational structure
  • financial structure of bus passes and contracts
  • operational preparedness
  • readiness to integrate with Rapid Transit
  • other Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

It would also analyze whether council should disband the transit commission and have city hall oversee bus operations internally.

Currently, two members of city council (Coun. David Ferreira and Coun. Jerry Pribil) sit on the seven member commission.

A copy of the final audit would be shared with the LTC.

Council is expected to rubber stamp the recommendation on April 2.

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