Kate Middleton cancer news: Speculation about Princess of Wales health ‘worst ever seen’ former spokesman says

Princess Kate announces cancer diagnosis

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The storm of speculation leading up to the Princess of Wale’s video statement revealing her cancer diagnosis “was the worst I’ve ever seen”, says ex-aide.

Paddy Harverson, who was formerly the official spokesman of the Prince and Princess of Wales, was asked by Laura Kuenssberg on BBC’s Sunday Programme if the mainstream or social media were responsible for the rampant rumours.

He said: “Well, it feeds off itself,” he said. “It’s a sort of permanent doom loop. And it’s the worst I’ve ever seen.”

Harversron said the decision and way in which Kate broke the news was not impacted by online speculation.

The Princess of Wales, 42, bravely shared her health battle with the world on Friday evening in a pre-recorded emotional video where she revealed her abdominal surgery on 14 January had led to the discovery of cancer.

The mother-of-three said the diagnosis had come as a “huge shock”, but she is “well and getting stronger every day” as she undergoes preventative chemotherapy.

In a new statement released by Kensington Palace yesterday, Kate and William said: “The Prince and Princess are both enormously touched by the kind messages from people here in the UK, across the Commonwealth and around the world.”

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Inside Amner Hall: Kate and William’s retreat where they will focus on family during cancer fight

The Princess of Wales has repeated her request for privacy as her family retreat after weeks of lurid speculation over her health culminated in the shocking revelation of her cancer diagnosis.

In a heartfelt video message released on Friday evening, Kate said it had been an “incredibly tough couple of months” for her family as she disclosed that she was in the early stages of “preventative chemotherapy” and asked for “time, space and privacy” while she completed her treatment.

The 42-year-old spoke of her “huge shock” as she explained that she underwent major abdominal surgery on 14 January for a condition that was believed to be non-cancerous, but subsequent tests identified the disease.

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Lydia Patrick24 March 2024 12:15


Young girl who beat cancer in lockdown after support from Kate urges her to ‘fight like I did’

A young cancer survivor who met the Princess of Wales while being treated for the disease has sent Kate an inspiring message of hope.

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Lydia Patrick24 March 2024 11:15


Royal adviser hits out at speculation leading up to Kate’s diagnosis revelation

The speculation and pressure around the Princess of Wales’s health and whereabouts before her video statement was “the worst I’ve ever seen”, a former royal adviser has said.

Paddy Harverson, who was previously the official spokesman of Kate and the Prince of Wales, was asked on the BBC’s Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg programme where the responsibility for the pressure lay: social media or mainstream media.

“Well, it feeds off itself,” he said.

“It’s a sort of permanent doom loop. And it’s the worst I’ve ever seen.”

He added it took time for the royal family to come to terms with Kate’s diagnosis.

“I’m absolutely convinced that if we hadn’t had all the madness and social media, if we hadn’t had the sort of the Mother’s Day photo mistake, they would have still done it like this,” he said of Kate’s video statement on Friday.

“They would have still waited till this last Friday when the schools are breaking up to make the announcement.”

Lydia Patrick24 March 2024 11:12


Kate Middleton’s uncle Gary Goldsmith reveals six letter word he used when he first met William

The “self-made millionaire” most recently courted the limelight during his brief stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house, where he hit out at Harry and Meghan and pledged his support for Donald Trump.

He was voted out after four nights but Mr Goldsmith, who vowed he was entering the TV show to repair his damaged reputation, has since spoken to The Times in an explosive interview.

Mr Goldsmith’s chaotic admissions include shouting “Oi you f*****” when he met Prince William, labelling Meghan a “laughing girl” for allegedly calling Kate racist, calling out the disgraced Prince Andrew, speculating on “stupid” Harry’s return to the UK and calling his sister Carole “cunning and devious”.

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Lydia Patrick24 March 2024 10:45


Labour party chairwoman shares sympathy for Princess

Labour Party chairwoman Anneliese Dodds said she felt a “huge amount of sympathy” for the Princess of Wales while watching her announce her cancer diagnosis on Friday evening.

The shadow women and equalities secretary told Sky’s Sunday Morning With Trevor Phillips programme: “I think I probably felt very similar to the many people who will have watched that broadcast, I felt a huge amount of sympathy for her.

“Obviously, this is an incredibly difficult time for her, as for anyone with that kind of a health situation, and I really want to wish Her Highness well.

“I think she’s also spoken with a huge amount of hope and optimism and people who are in a similar situation I’m sure will take a lot of comfort from her words.”

Lydia Patrick24 March 2024 10:30


Kate Middleton’s brother shares moving message of support: ‘we will climb’ this mountain

Sharing a sweet childhood photograph of himself and Kate, James Middleton, 36, said on Instagram: “Over the years, we have climbed many mountains together.

“As a family, we will climb this one with you too”.

In a recorded video statement, she said that the news had come as a “huge shock” after it was discovered following her major abdominal surgery in January.

Lydia Patrick24 March 2024 10:15


How Charles and Kate supported each other in hospital before both were diagnosed with cancer

With the royal family facing a string of health setbacks, the close relationship between King Charles and his “beloved daughter-in-law” has become increasingly apparent.

Charles is said to have driven to Windsor Castle to have lunch with Kate on Thursday, just one day before she announced that she had been diagnosed with the illness.

“They are very close and he thinks of Catherine as his daughter. There is no doubt there is a lot they can share and can use each other for support during their own deeply personal cancer battles,” a source told The Sun.

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Lydia Patrick24 March 2024 09:45


The Independent view- The Princess of Wales’s openness is a public service to the nation

Now we understand why there seemed to be a gap between what the Prince and Princess of Wales were saying and the evidence that something was not right about the state of the royal household.

As Catherine said in her video statement on Friday, “It has taken us time to explain everything to George, Charlotte and Louis in a way that is appropriate for them, and to reassure them that I am going to be OK.”

She and her husband are quite right to put their children first, and many of the public figures who amplified conspiracy theories about the royal family were quite wrong to do so – and some of them have even been honest enough to say so and to apologise.

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Lydia Patrick24 March 2024 09:15


Jeremy Hunt shares how he resonated with Kate’s cancer revelation

Jeremy Hunt, whose brother died after being diagnosed with cancer, said the Princess of Wales’ announcement that she was undergoing treatment resonated with him personally.

The Chancellor told Sky’s Sunday Morning With Trevor Phillips programme: “It was incredibly moving and I think I was touched like everyone else was.

“I think the thing that really cut me to the quick was when she explained the hardest thing of all for people who have had cancer and their family, which is how you tell your kids.

“And that’s obviously been a huge huge thing for her and the Prince of Wales, and I know in my own family, when my brother had cancer, that was the most difficult thing.

“I think when she said that, she just connected with everyone, and we all felt that yes, it’s the royal family, but in some ways they’re like every other family and they’re going through the same horrible things that sadly we all have to go through from time to time.”

Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt (Kirsty Wigglesworth/PA)

(PA Wire)

Lydia Patrick24 March 2024 09:01


Watch – Princess Kate announces cancer diagnosis

Princess Kate announces cancer diagnosis

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