London setting aside nearly $3M for new beds at House of Hope

The City of London is putting $2.7 million over the next two years towards the London Cares Homeless Response Services.

The money will be used to add 24 new highly-supportive housing units at the House of Hope, established in the fall of 2023.

According to the city, the initiative will convert 15 temporary resting space beds at 448 Horton Street to 24 furnished highly supportive housing units at 362 Dundas Street.

Since October 2023, the city points out that residents have experienced significant health improvements and other early benefits

There has been a 74 per cent reduction in emergency department visit volumes in the first three months compared with the same time period and the same cohort in 2022, and two residents are now working.

“We have seen dramatic results for the initial group of people who gained housing last October. Beyond housing they have gained reconnection to family, building a community in helping each other, and improved health,” said Executive Director of London Cares, Anne Armstrong.

“Those with medically complex conditions that are experiencing homelessness are able to get out of emergency rooms and off the streets and into this safe, warm, supportive apartment unit,” said Deputy City Manager of Social and Health Development Kevin Dickins.

He continued, “One size does not fit all when it comes to folks that are experiencing homelessness. This is why we have hubs that are dedicated to very specific populations and trying to find solutions that are of a different size and scale. And when it comes to highly supportive housing, it really is trying to bring those services on-site to the individuals, which is a game-changer.” 

The House of was established with support and input from Home and Community Care Support Services, London InterCommunity Health Centre, and H.O.M.E program collaborators. The Sisters of St. Joseph, who run St. Joe’s Café, are providing residents at least one hot meal per day, and Voyago Health, offers complimentary transportation services to the building once residents are ready to move in.

The newly funded spaces, which are a separate initiative from the City of London’s Hubs Implementation Plan but part of the same pathway to sustainable housing, will assist people with complex health needs, including discharged hospital patients at risk of readmission due to experiencing chronic and persistent homelessness.

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