Everything to know about South London incident that left 3 injured after moped rider allegedly opened fire

A moped rider in Clapham, South London reportedly fired shots that left three people injured on Friday, March 1, 2024, the Metropolitan Police said. A shotgun was allegedly used to fire shots and two people were injured with shotgun pellets, while a third person also sustained injuries. The injuries are not believed to be life-threatening, as per Sky News.

The suspects reportedly fled the scene. No arrests have been made in the case yet and officials are currently working to trace the moped rider. Officials have urged individuals who saw the moped or filmed the incident to reach out to them.

What happened at the Clapham Common shooting?

Three people were left injured during the Clapham shooting on Friday, March 1. The police were reportedly pursuing two riders on a bike just before 5 pm on Friday. During the police pursuit, a moped rider reportedly injured three people using what seemed to be a shotgun, as per the Telegraph.

Two of the injured individuals were hit by shotgun pellets, while another was left injured by the moped. Paramedics from London Ambulance Services took two of the victims to a trauma center and the third victim was taken to a hospital. The ambulance service shed light on the situation and, as per The Guardian, they said:

“We sent a number of resources including ambulance crews, operational managers, advanced paramedics and London’s air ambulance. We treated three people at the scene and took two to a London major trauma centre and one to hospital.”

As per the publication, a moped was seen on the left on the pavement when forensics were working around the Belle Vue pub. The Metropolitan police stated that a firearm was also recovered from the Clapham shooting scene.

Eyewitness sheds light on the incident

An eyewitness told BBC that they were present at the Belle Vue pub when they heard one gunshot followed by a second one.

“I just saw one guy in like a tracksuit run past and a police car speed after him. And then I went back into the pub and saw a girl who was facing towards the bar had like blood down the back of her leg,” they said.

They continued:

“One woman was sat right in front of the window and it hit her on the side of the head. The other was stood up at the bar.”

They further mentioned that it is “insane” how the shooting “could have been more tragic.”

A local barber named Kaka, 34, spoke to PA Media about the Clapham incident. They said everyone was “shocked” after hearing the gunshot and said:

“I was in the shop just before 5pm and I heard a gunshot up the road. We were all shocked because it was so close. The police were everywhere afterwards.”

Several roads were cordoned off after the incident and the investigation is currently ongoing. BBC reported that forensic teams are still present in the area and are working on solving the case.

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