Weather: South London faces yellow rain warning

The alert runs from 3pm on Sunday (February 25) to 9am on Monday (February 26) and suggests widespread downpours ranging from 15mm-25mm and up to 40mm locally.

The warning says: “Rain is expected to arrive across Sussex and Kent during Sunday afternoon, persisting through the night before slowly clearing on Monday morning.”

The Met Office website adds that this persistent rain may result in potential flooding and disruptions.

There is a small possibility of flooding in homes and businesses, causing damage to buildings. Additionally, there may be delays or cancellations in train and bus services, and driving conditions could become challenging due to spray and flooding, leading to potential road closures.

Some communities might also face the risk of being cut off by flooded roads.

Mr Dewhurst added: “We are keeping an eye on this area of low pressure as it moves into southern counties of England and Wales over the course of Sunday and into Monday.

“It will bring some heavy rain and some strong winds as well. This rain is falling on saturated ground and could lead to some localised flooding problems.”

Sunday’s temperatures are set to reach around 7C-9C and there should be generally light winds, “but stuck under some cloud and with showers passing through it will feel chillier than the numbers suggest”, particularly across southern areas where double figures are expected, he added.

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