Big Brother Simon Gross from Orpington: Record breaking exit

Simon Gross appeared on the hit reality TV show back in 2015 and made history as the first and only contestant to be evicted after only two hours.

He was allowed to re-enter the house two weeks later, but said that he was not accepted by his fellow housemates as he was “not an original”.

While he does not regret doing Big Brother, he does feel that he was “short-changed”.

Simon said: “They played quite a cruel stunt on me on opening night so I went in the house and got to know my housemates and then two hours later I was evicted.

“Then, I had to go home and get on with it and then two weeks later I was asked to go back.

“I was very dignified about it.

“I never sort of came out with attitude to the producers or said ‘why have you done this to me?’

“I never let it get to me as much as it probably got to my family.”

Simon’s family is from the Lake District and they had come all the way to the house to see him go into Big Brother, only to be eliminated shortly afterwards.

When Simon was on Big Brother, he had to go into hiding for two weeks before the show aired.

In this time, his phone was taken away and his television consumption was limited.

This made it even more difficult for Simon and his family when he was forced to exit so soon.

He added: “I went through all that and two hours later I was out, so my experience was very strange with respect to the normal big brother process.

“So I said to the producers ‘what do I do now?’ and they told me I had to go onto the after-show with Rylan, and I did, and you just carry on as normal.

“Then I thought this isn’t right.

“I did the after-show and the next morning I went home.

“I felt very short changed.

“I knew in a way there was something going on but I couldn’t be sure because nothing was confirmed.

“Reality TV is a game and they don’t tell you which games they’re playing.

“They move you along the game as the days go on and I didn’t really know what was happening.

“I kept myself busy and then I was asked to go back in the house so I went back but I was never really accepted because they were a group of people who already knew each other and I was kind of like the outsider going back into the experiment.

“It was really strange in that respect for me and hard as well.

“I had a lot of rows and it was very, very emotional at the beginning.

“By the end of the experiment I found my feet and I learned how to live in the Big Brother house and it was an experience that I will never, ever forget and I don’t regret it.

“It was a journey, that’s for sure.”

When asked what advice Simon would give to those entering the show this year, he said that they need to be going in for the experience and not for quick fame.

He said that if you try to keep up a façade, it can only last for 24 hours or so before cracks start to show to fellow housemates and the public.

Simon said: “You have to want to do it for you, you can’t just want to go on television and be famous because this show is a very, very difficult show to do.

“I did it because I thought it was an experiment that would be good for me.

“I was at a point in my life where I thought I would meet new people and have new experiences.

“You have got to want to do it for you and to learn about yourself and about life and testing yourself for how much you can take and carry on your shoulders.”

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