West London NHS Trust to offer outdoors respite for Ealing carers with new Carers Corner service – EALING.NEWS – The Voice of Ealing 7 towns

West London NHS Trust is setting up a new outdoor service to provide respite for carers.

The Trust, which supports residents across Ealing says it wants to improve the health and wellbeing of carers across the borough and is looking to launch a new outdoor support group called Carers Corner.

The Trust said: “The group will participate in eco-therapy and look at how our greenspaces can support our health and wellbeing. The group will likely meet monthly/bi-weekly at The Dig, a community hub in Hanwell. The group will also help improve carer involvement and access to support services including those provided by the Trust.”

It added: “There will be activities, such as bird watching, gardening, planting, cooking – eat what you grow and of course, refreshments. The project aims to create a safe shared space in a green environment, promoting an appreciation of the natural world, as well as the opportunity to spend some time with people with similar experiences.”

West London NHS Trust is inviting carers to fill in a survey to find out more about what they would like from Carers Corner. To take part, click here.

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