Wandsworth has the highest fuel prices in south London

Motorists have been in a constant battle with fuel prices over the last couple of years, seeing them reach unprecedented heights that they just can’t afford.

The Fuel Price Report by Cromwell Trucks and Online Marketing Surgery helped rank boroughs in south London based on their average fuel prices.

A new report ranks boroughs in south London based on their average price of unleaded petrol.

Below is the ranking of petrol prices in each south London borough

  1. Greenwich 138.1p
  2. Southwark 138.5p
  3. Lewisham 139.0p
  4. Bexley 140.5p
  5. Croydon 141.2p
  6. Bromley 141.7p
  7. Lambeth 141.9p
  8. Richmond 143.2p
  9. Merton 144.6p
  10. Sutton 144.6p
  11. Merton 144.6p
  12. Kingston 145.2p
  13. Wandsworth 145.7p

Overall, south east London is a much cheaper place to pick up fuel than in south west London, with the top four cheapest places being Greenwich, Southwark, Lewisham and Bexley.

Croydon was found to be the cheapest place to pick up fuel in south west London, with 141.2p per average litre.

The most expensive place to fill your cars in south London is Wandsworth, with the average price per litre at 145.7p.


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