South West London police save man during mental health crisis | Local News | News | Kingston Nub News

South West London Police used video analysis to help save a man during a severe mental health crisis, in a recent incident reported online. 

Calling the London Ambulance Service (LAS), the distressed individual had said he had a clear intention to end his life, prompting an immediate response from the police.  

Faced with limited information about the man’s identity and location within a large business premises, officers decided to forcefully enter the building. 

More officers, including the London Fire Brigade (LFB) AND LAS arrived to begin a search but could not find the individual. 

After receiving a screenshot from a video sent by the man to his ex-partner, officers were able to deduce the man was hidden in the basement of the property.  

Upon discovery, the man was found in a critical condition.  

The responding officers intervened, and initiated life-saving measures until paramedics arrived at the scene.  Officers then assisted with medical care and a handover to LAS, ensuring that he was looked after.

The dynamic actions of the officers attending the location promptly and beginning a search ensured that the male’s life was saved. He was seconds from death, and despite the difficulties of getting into the premises and finding him, they searched a very large office building quickly and efficiently.

In a statement, Kingston Police praised the “heroic” response of those present. 

For those facing mental health challenges, help is available. Reach out to friends, family, or utilise the following resources:

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