Four large beer vats installed at Labatt’s in London

Following a journey from Sarnia and after being idled at Highbury Avenue and Dundas Street overnight Tuesday, four large beer vats destined for Labatt’s continued their journey on Wednesday morning.

The 33 metre-long vats made their way down Hamilton Road towards the Labatt plant in the daylight.

London police, hydro crews and other logistical teams worked to ensure overhead wires were raised to allow for safe passage.

Multiple Londoners lined the route to witness the rare site.

IN PHOTOS: Beer vats on the move to Labatt in London 

It has been nearly 20 years since Labatt’s last installed new beer vats.

Shortly before noon, the convoy made it to the Ridout Street factory.

However, it ended up taking several hours before a final set of wires was lifted high enough for the trucks to pass underneath.

Heavy duty cranes were then used to offload the vats to their permanent spot.

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