London Palestine protesters ‘glorify Hamas terror attack on Israel’

But when asked if he had the same sympathy for Israeli babies murdered by Hamas, the group member, who declined to give his name, said: “We don’t know what happened on October 7. We were all shocked. We don’t know the full facts until a full investigation is launched.

“Some say Hamas did some of it. But others say it was done by Israel. There’s no conclusion yet.”

Another protester – who gave his name as Mohamad and said he was from Khan Younis, in southern Gaza, also questioned Hamas’s responsibility for the murder of babies on October 7.

“That was a mere lie portrayed unfortunately by many mass medias,” he said, adding: “I haven’t seen a single confirmed source. I would love to know so we can see if Hamas is as violent as they are saying.”

Lord Austin said the questioning of the events of October 7 was the “modern equivalent of Holocaust denial”.

In Newcastle, women paraded in pretend bloodied clothes, also carrying dead babies while in Manchester Piccadilly station was also occupied by protesters.

The London rally had begun with a march from the BBC headquarters to Trafalgar Square. Speakers at the start led the small crowd in chants including “Intifada, revolution!” and “From the sea to the river Palestine will live forever.”

One woman, wearing a black hoodie standing in the middle of the sit-in protest, led a chant calling police “pigs” and “Haram”, an Arabic term meaning forbidden and often used in relation to pork products.

Three or four small children, the eldest no more than ten, used a child’s pink microphone and loudspeakers to chant “we charge you with genocide” aimed at Israel.

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