Video shows huge brawl breaking out in Hounslow Aldi, London | UK | News

Footage appears to show a huge brawl breaking out between two women who hurled “tubes of wrapping paper” at each other.

The fight happened on Tuesday in Hounslow’s Aldi which saw two women in a furious verbal altercation that soon turned ugly.

All the attempts by the staff at the supermarket to calm the situation did not work as the two women reached for the wrapping paper and began furiously beating each other over the head with it.

After the footage was shared on social media, many people took to the comments to question why they were behaving in this manner and joked at the seasonal nature of the fight.

One said: “Yep, it’s time to start your Christmas shopping now!”

Another said the odd confrontation was a poor example of a fight. They said: “Nothing to see here but standard expressive dance by the ladies.”

Another commented that the scenes of “bedlam” were more like something you might see at an American Black Friday shopping event.

The social media user commented: “Folks in London putting on their best impressions of Black Friday in Florida.” Another said that given the cheap nature of the paper it was probably a bargain worth taking.

The user said: “Yeah, but that 99p Xmas wrapping paper is worth battering someone for though.” has approached Aldi for a comment.

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