South London man asks judge to give his weed back

Jacob Thompson, who was jailed for three months, said he wants it returned because “weed is expensive”. 

As well as possession of cannabis, 55-year-old Thompson was also being sentenced for smashing up a job centre with a hammer and throwing milk on the floor. 

Thompson appeared at Inner London Crown Court for sentencing on Wednesday (August 30) after pleading guilty to criminal damage and possession of cannabis. 

Prosecutor James Wing outlined the facts of the case. 

Mr Wing said: “On April 28 at around 5pm the job centre in Kennington was closing. Mr Thompson tried to make his way into the building. He was told he couldn’t because it was closed. 

“He became upset and argumentative. He was told to leave by some construction workers in the area. 

“Three minutes later he returned with a hammer, he threw milk over the floor of the building and smashed some windows and doors.” 

News Shopper: Thompson turned up to the job centre in Kennington with a hammerThompson turned up to the job centre in Kennington with a hammer (Image: Street View)

Thompson caused £9,600 in damage. 

The following week, on May 3, Thompson was arrested and was found to be in possession of 192 grams of cannabis. 

Mr Wing said drugs paraphernalia were found at Thompson’s house which may have been used to grow cannabis. 

“It may be that the 192 grams of cannabis he was caught with was a harvest,” Mr Wing said. 

Thompson raised his hand in court and asked if he could have the cannabis could be returned. 

After consultation with his barrister Thompson was persuaded to drop the question. 

Thompson also pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage by urinating on the floor of a police cell. 

At the sentencing hearing Judge David Spens KC questioned why urination is classified as criminal damage. 

Mr Wing said: “The offence of criminal damage can be caused by spitting or urinated on any surface.” 

Judge Spens said: “Not that it matters, but that seems completely barking to me”. 

The court was told the Thompson has 46 convictions for 93 offences, almost all of them for criminal damage and possession of drugs. 

In mitigation, the court was told that Thompson has a history of mental health issues.

Judge Spens sentenced Thompson to three months in prison. 

Thompson, of Eastlake Road in Brixton, has been in custody since May 4, so the sentence was deemed to have been already served and he was released.

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