A visit to ‘Little Istanbul’ with Mick & Trudie

A visit to ‘Little Istanbul’ with Mick & Trudie

According to Wikipedia, there is an estimated 500,000 people of Turkish origin living in the United Kingdom. The Turkish community is not evenly distributed across the country and the concentration of the Turks is almost all in Greater London. The Turks have created Turkish neighbourhoods mostly in North and North-East London however there are also Turkish communities in South London and the City of Westminster.

Many of the Turkish community pursue self-employment opportunities and there are clearly identifiable Turkish areas with streets lined with restaurants, kebab shops, cafes, food stores, barbers and various other trades.

Welcome to Green Lanes in North London

Mick and Trudie visited and spoke to Turks in Green Lanes, aka ‘Istanbul in North London’, one of the biggest Turkish communities in the UK. They had no idea that you can find everything here you would find in Türkiye as well as superb Turkish restaurants and cafe’s. Let’s take a look…

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