Watch: ‘Dangerous’ dog savages a police horse on patrol in east London


Metropolitan police officer was thrown from her horse after a “dangerously out of control” dog savaged the mount’s leg.

The manic canine ran out of a home in Maroon Street, Limehouse heading straight for the two mounted police officers on “routine duties” at 4.50pm on Friday.

It managed to lock its jaws around the leg of one of the police horses who flung the riding officer to the ground. She sustained “minor injuries” in the fall, police said.

It is then caught on camera chasing the other mounted officer down the street.

The dog was stamped on by the horse and was eventually detained and taken into police kennels, the force said.

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A Scotland Yard spokesman added: “The rider of the horse, a police constable, was unseated and sustained a minor injury. She did not require hospital treatment.

“The police horse sustained inruries to its leg. It bolted from the scene but was recovered by officers a short distance away with no further incident.

“The dog received a minor injury as a result of being trodden on by the horse.

“Both animals have been assessed by a police vet and neither was seriously hurt. The dog remains at police kennels.

“An offence of ‘a dog being dangerously out of control’ has been recorded.

“There has been no arrest at this stage.”

Hakan Niyazi’s American Bully Coco appears to bite Urbane the police horse

/ The Sun

The attack came after an American Bully XL attacked another police horse in March.

Hakan Niyazi’s American Bully Coco clamps its jaws on a Metropolitan Police animal in shocking footage.

Two policemen on horseback were on patrol in Victoria Park, Hackney when an off-lead dog charged at one of their horses Urbane biting down on his legs.

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