Ford Fest event in London cancelled citing MuslimFest

Citing another festival scheduled to take place in London on Sunday, Ontario’s premier has cancelled this weekend’s planned barbecue.

Ford Fest was scheduled to take place in London on Sunday, but the free event was recently cancelled.

In a statement to CTV News London, Zachary Zarnett-Klein, a spokesperson for the Ontario PC Party, said that Ford Fest — which was scheduled to take place in London on Sunday — was postponed.

“This decision was made out of respect for the local Muslim community after it was brought to our attention that MuslimFest London was scheduled for the same afternoon,” the statement reads.

On Monday, Premier Doug Ford will host a luncheon, which will cost $1,000 per person to attend.

The PC Party spokesperson told CTV News London that the luncheon did not replace Ford Fest, and said it was already scheduled before Ford Fest was cancelled.

Ford Fest initially began 25 years ago as a family barbeque and used to be held in the backyard of Ford’s mother’s home.

The event was recently held in Windsor for the first time on Aug. 11, and will be held in Kitchener-Waterloo on Sept. 8.

There has been word yet on when London’s Ford Fest will be rescheduled.

— With files from The Canadian Press

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