Another agency inks PropTech deal to handle complianc…

Another agency inks PropTech deal to handle complianc…

PropTech Kamma has entered into a partnership with agency and consultancy JLL.

This means JLL’s UK residential agents will have access to Kamma’s compliance services, ensuring real-time licensing updates. 

In recent years, landlords and agents have been required to assume more responsibility in ensuring that their rental properties meet all legal and safety requirements. A complex web of regulation throughout the UK means that licence monitoring tech is essential for staying compliant. 

Kamma says its services allow agents to track changes in licensing requirements and navigate the regulatory landscape.

In June, Kamma reported that fines against letting agents and landlords in London had surpassed £9m since records began, with record growth in the first six months of this year. 

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Newly announced licensing schemes in Merton, Southwark and Redbridge in London alone, and Manchester and Birmingham further afield, means that agents can expect further enforcement and fines if they do not stay ahead of regulatory changes.

“We are delighted to be partnering with JLL UK Residential and offer our licensing compliance services to their agents. JLL is a globally recognised brand in the real estate industry, and this partnership will help their agents stay on top of licensing requirements, save time, and protect them against the risk of fines” says Orla Shields, chief executive of Kamma. 

And Emma Deeny, agency development director at JLL UK Residential, adds: “Introducing Kamma’s technology into our business has both ensured a higher level of licensing compliance, while also freeing up the teams’ time to continue driving a first-class service for our landlords and tenants.”

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