South London artist and composer felix taylor creates immersive listening experience at Henry Moore Studio & Gardens in Hertfordshire

An artist and composer is taking visitors on an unforgettable sonic journey at Henry Moore Studio & Gardens this summer.

A mesmerising soundscape which merges the realm of art with the power of sound has been created by felix taylor to give guests an immersive experience.

Responding to the Perry Green venue’s exhibition “Vitality: The Human Landscapes of Henry Moore”, the south London-based artist is transporting listeners into a world where art and nature converge in perfect harmony.

Visitors are encouraged to play a series of three soundtracks out loud, utilising their phone speakers. The interactive approach aims to intertwine the audio composition with the natural sounds of bird song, sheep’s cries and the occasional participation of other visitors’ devices, creating a symphony of harmonious coexistence.

In addition, felix has created a captioned video piece to interpret and accompany the work through words, adding another dimension and access point for audiences and developing the part of his practice.

“Listening in to felix’s soundscape offers a whole new frame of focus to the sculptures and the grounds,” said engagement curator Sophie Greenstreet.

Artist and composer felix taylor has created immersive listening experience at Henry Moore Studio & Gardens

“It’s been a pleasure to witness this thoughtful creative response grow so organically.”

The award-winning artist immersed himself in the captivating atmosphere of Henry Moore Studio & Gardens to gather field recordings and craft unique audio experiences for the project.

He recently released a composition on Philip Glass’ Orange Mountain music label, commissioned for the celebrated composer’s 85th birthday. Currently he is working on a public installation for the Turner Prize-nominated collective Gentle/Radical, in addition to other prestigious commissions and original music and scores for radio and film.

Visitors to the gardens can go on the listening/mapping journey digitally through the Bloomberg Connects app. See to find out more.

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