Kevin Spacey trial – latest updates: Actor denies ‘crotch grabs’ are his ‘trademark’; director called as defence witness | Ents & Arts News

Kevin Spacey admits he might have “smacked” the bottom of one of the complainants – a driver – in a “jokey way” but tells jurors any touching was “consensual”.

Asked about a specific allegation the man has made, Spacey says: “I would never have grabbed anyone’s penis so hard they shouted out.”

The actor tells the jury there was never an occasion where the complainant “forcefully pushed him away”.

Spacey says the complainant willingly engaged in “sexual experimentation” with him.

Prosecutor Christine Agnew KC, who is addressing the actor using his full name “Mr Spacey Fowler”, suggests he did not have any kind of consensual relationship with the man  and he “knew it wasn’t with consent”.

“That’s not correct,” Spacey replies. 

“He was willing to experiment, was adventurous and fun, he never asked me to stop, threatened to punch me…”

Spacey tells the court he believes the man made allegations because he was “ribbed” when claims about him emerged. 

“I think he’s embarrassed about the choices he made,” the actor adds.

Ms Agnew suggests Spacey was in a “powerful position” and was “the golden boy of the London theatre scene” at the time, with his alleged victims “unlikely to say anything because of who he was”.

Spacey tells jurors: “I would agree I used the position I gratefully found myself in to help others, create art and try to bring the Old Vic back to what it once was.”

He says he “didn’t have a power wand to wave whenever I wanted someone to go to bed with me”.

Ms Agnew tells Spacey: “You saw what you wanted and took what you wanted.”

The actor replies: “You know nothing about me.”

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