Ride a heritage tube train through central London next month

Next month is a chance to ride in a 1938 era tube train through central London and up to north London on the Piccadilly line.

Or to watch it from the sidelines if you prefer.

The 1938 tube train will make three long journeys on the Piccadilly line on Sunday 9th July, starting in West London at Acton Town station, and running right through central London up to Oakwood at the far end of the line.

Apart from the pleasure of rumbling through central London in these old beasts, much of the pleasure is undeniably the look of shock and amazement on the faces of people waiting on the platforms who are expecting a normal tube train to arrive. They point and smile, and you wave back, because of course you do.

As it’s quite a long trip — there will be a decent break at Oakwood station to stretch legs, use the loos, browse the souvenir stand – and go outside to admire the huge square ticket hall building and the magnificent roundel.

oakwood station 02

All three trips take place on Sunday 9th July at the following times:

Journey 1: Departs Acton Town 10:12am, arrives Oakwood 11:10am. Return journey departs Oakwood at 11:57am, arrives at Acton Town for 12:55pm

Journey 2: Departs Acton Town 2:23pm, arrives Oakwood 3:21pm. Return journey departs Oakwood at 4:17pm, arrives Acton Town 5:16pm

Journey 3: Departs Acton Town 6:43pm, arrives Oakwood 7:41pm. Return journey departs Oakwood at 8:17pm, arrives at Acton Town for 9:15pm

There are four carriages, and you can select which carriage to sit in – tip, try for the front or rear carriage (pink or blue) as they may (only may) open the drivers door for a peek.


  • Adults: £35
  • Concessions: £24
  • Children (4-17): £18
  • Children (under 3): Free, must sit on an adult’s lap. No ticket required.

Tickets are on sale from here.


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