Brothers who went to same Dagenham school reunited in Long Lost Family

The incredible story of two brothers who attended the same school and boxing club in east London but did not know the other existed is set to be told on a hit TV show. 

IT businessman Frankie Peroni, 62, connected with Paul Connolly, 60, last year with the help of ITV’s Long Lost Family.

This comes as Paul, who lives in Billericay, Essex, tracked down his relative after taking a My Heritage DNA test.

Frankie, a singer-songwriter from Westcliff, was delivered the news by the ITV show.

He said: “Long Lost Families contacted me last year and said a brother has tracked you on My Heritage DNA. I couldn’t believe it.

“Eventually, Nicky Campbell came round to my house and then it led to me meeting Paul in Battlesbridge.

“When I first met him, it was absolutely incredible, but strange at the same time because there were some spooky parallels, such as us going to the same boxing club in Bethnal Green and attending the Bishop Ward school in Dagenham at the same time.

“What was even spookier was the fact that he lives in Billericay, and I live in Westcliff.

“I did say in the programme that I wish Paul lived in Vegas so I could get flown out there.

“But it was amazing.”

Frankie’s dad Pino, who “had affairs” died in 1968.

As a child Frankie spent time in foster care and fell in with the wrong crowd before eventually getting his life back on track.

Airing on July 3, viewers are set to learn about the “tough” childhood Mr Connolly, an author, had which has been well publicised in the 2020 British Netflix drama Big Boys Don’t Cry, before seeing the men reunite.

At two weeks old, he was put “out with the rubbish” by his mum Mary, who was going through a breakdown.

After a neighbour heard cries and called social services, he spent his childhood in care, having periodic contact with his family.

To find out more and see the two men reunite, tune into Long Lost Family on Monday at 9pm on ITV 1 or catch up after transmission on ITV X.

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