Dozens of firefighters tackle blaze on two hecatres of grass in north London at…

25 June 2023, 14:50

A total of 70 firefighters were at the scene

A total of 70 firefighters were at the scene.


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Firefighters are battling to put out two hectares of grass fires in North London as temperatures hit 30C.

About 70 firefighters arrived to tackle the blaze in Rammey Marsh, Enfield, after midday

Britain is sizzling in a heatwave but emergency services urged people enjoying the weather to be sensible and avoid doing something that could set off a fire during a dry spell.

A London Fire Brigade spokesperson said: “We’ve been seeing a long, dry spell with high temperatures so the grass in London is tinderbox dry and the smallest of sparks can start a blaze which could cause devastation.

“We are asking Londoners to help us protect the city we all love by doing everything you can to prevent further grass fires. Please don’t barbecue in open spaces or balconies, throw your rubbish away safely and put your cigarettes out properly.”

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It will invoke memories of the heatwave last year when a series of fire broke out across London and the UK, though today’s blaze is incomparable to that devastation.

More than 40 houses were destroyed in London and 16 firefighters were reported injured after the thermometer hit a record high of 40C in July last year.

Parts of Rammey Marsh are ablaze

Parts of Rammey Marsh are ablaze.


Firefighters from Enfield, Chingford, Edmonton and other nearby stations raced out after being called just before 12.45pm.

The brigade has urged against dropping cigarettes on dry ground, and told drivers not to flick them out of their car in case they land on dry grass.

The blaze will invoke memories of fires last summer (file photo, from August)

The blaze will invoke memories of fires last summer (file photo, from August).


Barbecues should not be done in parks, on balconies or in public spaces and they, along with camp fires, should always be attended to and extinguished properly.

Barbecues also need to be away from anything that could catch fire, like a shed.

Children and animals also needed to be minded in case they knock the smouldering charcoal over.

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