Rumours surround future of another Keller Williams ma…

Keller Williams UK’s (KWUK) Gatwick market centre is rumoured to have closed but the self-employed agency network’s chief executive Ben Taylor insists it is just being run by a different team.

KW Xceed opened in 2021 with with Lars Evans as operating principle.

But just two years later it is the latest of KW’s market centres to be rumoured to be closing.

It comes after it was announced last week that KWUK’s London Bridge Market Centre, owned and operated by industry figure Chris Buckler since 2018, has closed.

KWUK shifted responsibility for its Aspire market centre in Weybridge in April, which is now being run by its Prime leadership team based in Mayfair rather than the Oxygen office in Maidenhead.

Meanwhile, last month the company behind KWUK’s Evolve Market Centre – TBF Centres – entered voluntary liqudation, Companies House documents show.

It comes as the director of the company, Evelyn Foster, has taken over the KW Scotia and the KW Caledonia Market Centres through another of her businesses called EA Market Centres that was formed in August 2022.

Taylor denied claims that the centre is shut and said it is now collaborating with KW Advantage in Bromley, South London.

He said: “Agents are transferring with the centre and will now be supported by the leadership team of KW Advantage.

“We are dedicated to supporting our agent business owners in developing and growing their businesses and we believe that the best way to provide this is by utilising our most experienced leadership team members and sharing their knowledge and expertise, as well as the well-established tools, models and processes across the network. 

“Each of our agents has access to our centres around the country, benefiting from the community and network this provides.”

Taylor said this further restructuring is an important step in the development of the KWUK success story, adding: “KWUK has, over the last five years, invested significant time and resource in learning and building exactly what is required to best support agents to build businesses that are successful and market centres which are both profitable and impactful to their local communities.”

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