Woman attacked by three dogs who drag her to the ground screams for help as East London…

7 June 2023, 19:05

A woman has been attacked by three dogs in East London

A woman has been attacked by three dogs in East London.

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East London residents have been left terrified after three dogs attacked a woman in a green space between flats.

A witness has recorded the moment one of the large dogs jumps at her, bouncing up to shoulder height before she flees.

A person in a hoody appears to try and restrain the animals, but two chase the woman to a fence.

She falls to the ground and screams out as the dogs surround her and continue to jump at her.

At one point, a dog appears to bite down towards her lower back and she yells out.

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One then drags her by the arm and she falls to the ground again, with one dog refusing to let go and seemingly dragging her as she screams.

The person in the hoody holds back two but a third then grabs her arm as she tries to throw it off. The person then tries to grab the third dog but the woman is again leapt at.

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Footage has shocked residents

Footage has shocked residents.

Social media

The attack has terrified locals

The attack has terrified locals.

Social media

The shocking 51-second footage has been sent to LBC, but it was unclear whether the woman knew the person in the hoody and the dogs.

Footage was shared to a local residents’ WhatsApp group in Stepney.

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LBC has been told that the attack happened earlier on Wednesday morning.

LBC was told residents believe the woman could have been a jogger in the park and “the owner must be a local for him to walk his three dogs in this park but locals are very scared and concerned”.

The Met was contacted by LBC and said it was aware of the video but did not believe it had been reported to police apart from the tweet being flagged.


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