Trump news today: Damning evidence uncovered in classified documents probe as Trump lashes out at DeSantis

Trump calls Jan 6 a ‘beautiful day’ during CNN town hall

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Donald Trump’s legal troubles could be hotting up after the National Archives found a trove of records proving the former president knew he was breaking rules by taking classified documents to Mar-a-Lago, according to a report.

The National Archives sent a letter, obtained by CNN, to Mr Trump this week revealing it had found 16 records showing he and his top advisers were aware of the correct declassification process when he was president.

“The 16 records in question all reflect communications involving close presidential advisers, some of them directed to you personally, concerning whether, why, and how you should declassify certain classified records,” wrote archivist Debra Steidel Wall.

These records will be turned over to Special Counsel Jack Smith as part of the criminal investigation into Mr Trump’s handling of classified documents.

The revelation comes as Mr Trump continues to lash out at Ron DeSantis, as the Florida governor prepares to launch his 2024 campaign next week.

“After campaigning for five months, and going nowhere but down, it looks like Ron DeSanctimonious will soon be entering the race. He has ZERO chance, and MAGA will never forget!” Mr Trump fumed on Truth Social on Thursday night.

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Trump uses Tim Scott’s announcement to mock Ron DeSantis

Former president Donald Trump’s campaign used the entrance of Sen Tim Scott (R – South Carolina) into the 2024 Republican presidential race to hit his main rival, Florida governor Ron DeSantis.

Mr Scott, the Senate’s sole Black Republican, filed paperwork to run for president. He is largely expected to announce his candidacy on Monday.

But Mr Trump’s campaign spokesman Taylor Budowich used Mr Scott’s planned announcement to continue the campaign’s attacks on Mr DeSantis.

Ariana Baio19 May 2023 22:00


Trump ally could be forced to testify against him

One of former president Donald Trump’s loyal allies, and former CFO of the Trump Organisation, Allen Weisselberg, could be forced to testify against Mr Trump or face jail time.

Mr Weisselberg, who was recently released from jail after pleading guilty to tax fraud, could be asked by New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg to testify or face an alleged perjury charge, according to a report from The New York Times.

Mr Weisselberg a longtime associate of Mr Trump, could have information that Mr Bragg could be used against the former president related to his recent indictment.

Should Mr Weisselberg choose not to testify, as he has so far, Mr Bragg could bring forth a false statement that Mr Weisselberg allegedly made under oath in an interview with New York Attorney General Letitia James in 2020.

It is not clear what the statement was nor if Mr Weisselberg intentionally made a false statement.

Ariana Baio19 May 2023 21:30


FBI veterans admit to taking money from ex-Trump aide Kash Patel

A pair of federal law enforcement veterans who accused the FBI of drumming them out of service because of their conservative political beliefs have admitted to receiving money from a prominent ex-aide to former president Donald Trump, Kash Patel.

The shocking admission came during a Thursday hearing of the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponisation of the Federal Government.

The GOP-led panel has largely devoted its time to investigating conspiracy theories about social media companies’ cooperation with law enforcement, as well as advancing allegations that the Department of Justice probes into prominent Republicans who may have committed crimes are politically motivated.

Eric Garica and Andrew Feinberg report:

Ariana Baio19 May 2023 21:00


Village People slap Trump with cease-and-desist after his ‘Macho Man’ dance

Seventies disco band Village People has asked Donald Trump to stop using impersonators while playing their music without consent.

The wife of one of the band members on Monday sent a cease-and-desist letter to the former president, according to reports.

Mr Trump has been using the band’s songs such as “YMCA” and “Macho Man” at his events and rallies for years now.

Ariana Baio19 May 2023 20:30


WATCH: Former White House lawyer predict Trump will go to jail

‘Feds are coming fast’: Former White House lawyer Ty Cobb predicts Trump will go jail

Ariana Baio19 May 2023 20:00


Jim Jordan blocks Democrats from seeing evidence in chaotic ‘weaponization of government’ hearing

A hearing of the House Judiciary Committee descended into chaos on Thursday morning when Ohio representative and chair Jim Jordan asserted that the Republicans on the committee do not have to turn over key evidence to their Democratic colleagues because it came from a “whistleblower.”

Mr Jordan convened the committee on Thursday for a hearing on the “weaponisation of government,” calling witnesses to testify to alleged biases in federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI.

Shortly after the hearing began, however, Democrats began raising an issue: Mr Jordan’s refusal to turn over evidence, including witness testimony, to the Democrat members of the committee.

Ariana Baio19 May 2023 19:30


Trump encourages Republicans not to seek common ground in debt ceiling talks

Donald Trump dished out some advice for Republicans in Congress on Friday (19 May) when it comes to negotiating for the debt ceiling with President Joe Biden.


The advice comes as Republicans are trying to find middle ground with the President and other Democrats when discussing budgets.

The US is expected to default by June should lawmakers fail to reach a deal.

Ariana Baio19 May 2023 19:00


Republican Senator Tim Scott launches 2024 presidential bid

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott has officially declared himself a candidate for president in next year’s Republican primary election.

According to a statement of candidacy filed on Friday with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Mr Scott has designated his official campaign committee as “Tim Scott for America,” with a campaign address in the state’s capital, Charleston.

Mr Scott, who has served as South Carolina’s junior senator since 2013, was first appointed to his Senate seat by one of his presidential primary opponents, then-South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. He filled a vacancy left by the resignation of Jim DeMint, who left the Senate to lead the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank.

Mr Scott, whose campaign website has teased a “special announcement” on 22 May, joins a GOP primary field that includes Ms Haley, former president Donald Trump, ex-Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson, businessman Vivek Ramaswamy. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and ex-New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are also expected to officially enter the GOP presidential field in the coming days.

Ariana Baio19 May 2023 18:30


DeSantis privately shares Trump cannot win election, report says

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is confident in his abilities to win the 2024 presidential election, according to statements he made on a call as heard by The New York Times.

On Thursday, Mr DeSantis reportedly called donors and supporters to unofficially declare his campaign.

On the call, Mr DeSantis allegedly said, “You have basically three people at this point that are credible in this whole thing,- Biden, Trump and me.”

“And I think of those three, two have a chance to get elected president — Biden and me, based on all the data in the swing states, which is not great for the former president and probably insurmountable because people aren’t going to change their view of him,” Mr DeSantis added.

Ariana Baio19 May 2023 18:00


Trump campaign knocks DeSantis over Disney’s cancelled Florida expansion

Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign wasted no time in knocking Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over the news that Disney is cancelling a $1bn plan to expand its business in Florida.

The campaign for the former president to return to the White House sent out a fundraising email on 18 May after the news broke about the shelving of the planned relocation of some thousands of staff to the Orlando area.

Headlined: “President Trump is always right”, the email included a Truth Social post from Mr Trump dated 18 April.

Oliver O’Connell and Alex Woodward report:

Ariana Baio19 May 2023 17:30

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