New year 2023: People celebrate around the world

New year 2023: People celebrate around the world – BBC News

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  1. 2022 has been quite a year, and now it’s time to welcome a brand new one; we’ll guide you through the day as 2023 is marked around the globe
  2. Among the first places to see in the new year was Kiritimati Island in the central Pacific Ocean
  3. Auckland in New Zealand became the first major city to start celebrations welcoming in 2023, with fireworks launched from the city’s Sky Tower
  4. Sydney has also entered the new year, the city’s fireworks launched from its Harbour Bridge, Opera House and barges in its famous harbour
  5. In London, 100,000 ticketholders will stand on the banks of River Thames to welcome in the new year, accompanied by the traditional sounds of Big Ben’s chimes at the stroke of midnight
  6. Meanwhile, the traditional Times Square event in New York will return to full capacity after two years of reduced festivities due to the Covid pandemic

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