Fourteen serving and former Met officers and a community volunteer have been recognised in the King’s New Year Honours for their achievements and long service


Detective Inspector Jonathan Mearns, Counter Terrorism Command – Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)

Phillip Collins, retired detective inspector – Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

Suzanne Grimmer, retired detective inspector – Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

Detective Superintendent Simon Moring, Central Specialist Crime – Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

Police Constable Richard Fox, Counter Terrorism Command and Metropolitan Police Choir – British Empire Medal (BEM)

Nicola Baboneau – a community volunteer and community assessor – British Empire Medal (BEM)

Detective Sergeant Paul Griffiths, Counter Terrorism Command – King’s Police Medal (KPM)

Detective Inspector Nikki Owen, Specialist Crime – King’s Police Medal (KPM)

Detective Inspector Helene Miller, Central Specialist Crime – King’s Police Medal (KPM)

James Morrison, retired detective constable – King’s Police Medal (KPM)

Claire Moxon, retired detective superintendent – King’s Police Medal (KPM)

Barbara Gray QPM, Assistant Commissioner – Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order (LVO)

Commander Adesola Adelekan, Specialist Operations – Member of the Royal Victorian Order (MVO)

Simon Hammett, retired Inspector – Member of the Royal Victorian Order (MVO)

Fiona Wilson, retired Sergeant – Member of the Royal Victorian Order (MVO)

Met Commissioner, Sir Mark Rowley, said: “I want to take this opportunity to praise and thank all of our dedicated officers and those working with the Met for their extraordinary service to the communities of London and beyond.

“Policing asks for enormous commitment from officers and the exceptional achievements of all on this New Year’s Honours list are examples of policing at its best, and they all deserve to feel very proud. I am certainly proud of them and thank them for their service to communities.”

Detective Inspector Jonathan Mearns, a Counter Terrorism (CT) Liaison Officer, received an OBE for services to international CT policing. DI Mearns has been instrumental in liaising with multiple organisations in the field in the wake of major foreign incidents. Overseeing delivery of human rights compliant investigators, supervisors and interviewers courses, he led on countering terrorist financing, and ensuring Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) training, building capacity with foreign CT units and governments.

He said: “I am incredibly grateful to those who took the time to nominate me for such an honour. To receive an OBE is an incredible recognition of what I and others do on a day to day basis.”

Phillip Collins, a retired detective inspector,received an MBE for services to policing. As a national subject matter specialist in intelligence led integrity testing, his professionalism, passion and drive in this challenging area of policing has enabled the Met to be at the forefront of anti-corruption policing. His expertise in covert operations has led to him training advanced undercover officers and he played a pivotal role representing the Met at the judge-led Undercover Public Inquiry.

He said: “To be honoured in this way is completely unexpected. I am delighted to receive an MBE for a profession that has been so rewarding.”

Suzanne Grimmer, a retired detective inspector, received an MBE for services to policing. As a counter fraud specialist, leading the Cyber Crime Unit and Protect, Prepare & Prevent Team, she has designed and delivered innovative projects and products that have been adopted nationally. These have included user friendly social media products warning of scams during lockdown which were accessed by hundreds of thousands of members of the public. Her work has undoubtedly protected thousands of people from fraud and cyber-crime during her 30 years of dedicated service.

She said: “I am truly humbled and overwhelmed to receive this award. I feel very privileged to have served the people of London in a career that I have loved doing. Raising awareness, preventing fraud/cybercrime whilst protecting businesses, charities and the most vulnerable has been my passion for many years. None of my achievements would have been possible without the unwavering support of my immediate line managers – policing London really is a team effort.

“I accept this wonderful award with the full acknowledgement of the outstanding professionalism, enthusiasm and support of my amazing colleagues (officers and police staff) and external partners – this recognition really is a reflection of their dedication and commitment as much as mine. Finally I would like to thank my family and friends for their love and support throughout my service”.

Detective Superintendent Simon Moring, from Central Specialist Crime received an MBE for services to health and wellbeing. He has made an enormous contribution towards supporting and improving the mental health of police officers and staff, forming the Mental Health Network back in 2009, the first support network of its kind within the MPS. He has arranged regular presentations with external speakers and academics, and works with a myriad of mental health charities to improve what is on offer internally. He oversaw the introduction of ‘blue light champions’ in the MPS, of which there are now almost 1500. He has undoubtedly made a huge difference to the lives of many police officers and staff in his unrelenting efforts in this field, including helping to break the stigma of discussion of mental health, all whilst carrying out a demanding day job.

He said: “I am humbled to receive this award and hope that it highlights the importance of supporting offices and staff with both mental and physical difficulties. There is still much more to be done. I should like to thank the Met’s Disability Staff Association, Mental Health Network and the Blue Light Champions. Many undertake outstanding work, often in their own time.”

PC Richard Fox, from the Counter Terrorism Command and the Metropolitan Police Choir,received a BEM for services for policing and music. His dedication to the choir alongside performing his policing role has led to him revamping it in myriad ways, including regarding recruitment and repertoire. His attention to musicality and insistence on excellence ensures they always turn in first class performances at the numerous high profile key events they are involved in. PC Fox also dedicates significant time to raising vital charitable funds and has spearheaded many collaborations with nationally acclaimed choirs, bringing further acclaim to the Met’s musical achievements.

He said: “Being able to use my lifetime’s hobby to show a different side of the police and work with the talent the Met has to offer is truly inspiring. The choir enables the Met to reach places and people it otherwise may not and to raise money for a vast number of charities and good causes. Being nominated for this award is truly remarkable and leading the choir musically, an honour. I would like to thank the choir in its entirety for their support, commitment and drive to continually making the choir as successful as it can be. “

Nicola Baboneau, a community volunteer and community assessor, received a BEM for services to the community in the London borough of Hackney. Nicola has worked tirelessly for the last fifteen years and excels in bringing faith, community and youth groups together to promote mutual understanding and resolve community tension. In doing so she has total commitment to inclusivity – involving people from all backgrounds, irrespective of their race, culture and religion.

As chair of a group of Independent Advisors, she brings community leaders together; acting as a critical friend, providing advocacy, support and guidance to senior police, and is involved with multiple groups and boards in the area that have proved instrumental in influencing better practice and increasing trust between officers and the public.

Nicola said: “I am proud to receive this unexpected recognition for my determination to make a difference – an affirmation of the contribution that community members make to increase trust and confidence in policing is hugely appreciated. By shining a light on this, I hope to inspire others to participate in the many opportunities the Met has to offer. I could not have achieved this on my own, without the support and friendship of policing, statutory, voluntary sector and community colleagues. Thank you everyone.”

Detective Sergeant Paul Griffiths, from the Counter Terrorism Command received a KPM for distinguished services to the MPS. DS Griffiths is one of the UK’s lead practitioners for witness interviewing and has dedicated his career to supporting witnesses and victims of major trauma and terrorism. He is considered an exceptional police officer and his work has had enormous impact upon countless people, in the UK and overseas and left a lasting legacy for policing. He has been responsible for witness repatriation, care, statements and coordination in the wake of multiple major incidents both abroad in the UK. He is currently deployed on the UK War Crimes team, where he has responsibility for a number of high profile and complex cases.

DS Griffiths said: “I am truly delighted to be the recipient of this honour. Few achievements are those of a single individual and this reflects the hard work, dedication and wonderful support I have been fortunate enough to receive from family, friends and colleagues, both past and present; over the years. I would also like to acknowledge my War Crimes Team colleagues, who show tenacity, compassion and professionalism when they deal with extremely complex investigations.”

Detective Inspector Nikki Owen, from Specialist Crime, received a KPM for distinguished services to the MPS. DI Owen is a long serving senior detective with an exemplary service record, who has been integral to the success of numerous complex UK-based and internationally focused investigations over the years. From her very first conviction of an armed robbery at the Central Criminal Court, she realised her forte lay in investigations and has embraced a wide variety of remits – from Albanian gang crime to stolen vehicles and complex rape and sexual assault cases. She has led many high profile, confidential investigations and during Covid established the PMART (Pandemic Multi-Agency Response Teams) cars and ran teams responding to all deaths in south London, garnering her enormous respect from colleagues.

She said: “I am both stunned and humbled to receive such a significant accolade for doing a job I absolutely love. When my parents dropped me off at Hendon almost 32 years ago I couldn’t begin to imagine what the next three decades would hold and whilst being a police officer is a challenging job, it’s also very rewarding.

“Policing is all about teamwork and throughout my service I have had the privilege of working with some incredible people who along with my family and friends have supported and advised me and this recognition is a reflection of their commitment as much as mine. I feel incredibly lucky to be a police officer in the Met.”

Detective Inspector Helene Miller, from Central Specialist Crime, received the KPM for distinguished services to the MPS. She has made an outstanding contribution to countering Modern Slavery/Human Trafficking (MSHT), by shining a light on this heinous crime, giving a voice to the vulnerable and improving knowledge and understanding on an international scale. She is the Met’s subject matter expert, delivering training to many foreign agencies in the field as well as thousands of Met officers, saving the MPS many thousands of pounds in the process. Among her many achievements, she introduced the Victim Navigator programme into the MPS, which has seen an increase in victims of MSHT supporting police prosecutions of 33% up to 83%.

She said: “I am incredibly proud and humbled to have received this recognition for fulfilling a role that I am passionate about. This is not just my honour, it is for the ‘Project Enterprise’ team and all the partners who work tirelessly to further Modern Slavery investigations. This is a reflection of their commitment just as much as mine – you know who you are!”

James Morrison, a retired detective constable, received the KPM for distinguished services to the MPS. He was the Met’s expert and role model in tactical election fraud investigations. His achievements in this complex and specialised field culminated in an invaluable and longstanding contribution, which has already left a legacy nationally.

Claire Moxon, a retired detective superintendent, received the KPM for distinguished services to the MPS. She revolutionised policing capabilities within the critical field of CT to ensure ongoing support for the immediate and long term disruption of terrorist activity. A role model for others, she also led the development of the next generation of officers through mentoring and guidance of both female detectives and officers selected for fast track promotion.

Barbara Gray QPM, Assistant Commissioner, from the Met’s Professionalism Command, received an LVO for services to Royalty Protection, in particular her role in the Platinum Jubilee.

AC Gray said: “It was an amazing privilege to be Gold Commander for the Platinum Jubilee and this award has been such a lovely surprise and honour to receive. It was the efforts of every single member of the Met involved that made the Platinum weekend such a wonderful occasion and memory for so many.”

Commander Ade Adelekan, Specialist Operations, received an MVO for services to Royalty Protection, in particular his role in the Platinum Jubilee.

Commander Adelekan said: “I am truly humbled and feel very fortunate to have been nominated; I am thankful to all my colleagues across the bands and ranks who have supported me throughout my career and through many major policing operations. I acknowledge that our successes only happen because of the great teamwork of the people in the MPS. Thank you to my family, policing partners and colleagues in Team Met.”

Simon Hammett, a retired Inspector and Fiona Wilson, a retired Sergeant, both received an MVO for their services to Royalty Protection.

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