Woman who was run over by two Tube trains in London

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London: Sarah de Lagarde, 44, was travelling home from work when she lost her footing and fell down on the Tube tracks as she slipped from the gap between the train and the platform edge. Then two trains ran over her, but she survived the accident.

A mother of two from Camden, north London, Sarah has lost one leg and an arm but is “grateful to be alive.”

Doctors told her that given the severity of the accident, she could have died at least 10 times. Talking to Good Morning Britain, she said, “I’m good. I’m feeling fine, I mean obviously this is a terrible thing to happen to one, but I’m so privileged and grateful that I am alive.”

“That night I was told I could have died at least 10 times, it was quite an accident to have happened but, once you survive that, I was absolutely excited to be alive,” she added.

How did the accident occur?

Explaining the freak accident she underwent, Sarah said that as she was making her way home after a long day at work, she fell asleep and missed her stop. She lost her footing when she rushed to get down at the High Barnet station.

She found herself “bloodied and mangled” after the train left the station. Lying heavily injured on the tracks and barely realising what happened, she was hit by another train that arrived at the station.

It took around 15 minutes before anyone responded to her cries for help and as soon as someone did, emergency services were called, and was flown by an air ambulance to the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel.

Laying on the tracks she thought, “I shouldn’t be here, this is not supposed to happen, I need to go home to see my family. That thought about my family kept me going.”

She has started a fundraiser for an advanced prosthetic arm and so far, she has raised more than £278,000.

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