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Looking for the best pies in London? Whether you’re after a comforting classic or a slice of something sweet, the city is full of spots offering some truly fantastic pies.

Words by Austin Hodge

London’s eateries have been perfecting the art of combining buttery pastry with rich and indulgent fillings for hundreds of years. Which means that there are exquisite pies to be found all over the city.

The debate between steak and ale or chicken and leek rings on, but take a look at our favourite pies in London.

The Best Pies in London 

Putney Pies



One of the prime pie spots in West London, Putney Pies’ homemade choices include pot pies, shortcrust pies and sweet pies for dessert. 

This spot offers warm and nourishing renditions of the classics like steak and ale and fisherman’s pot pie, but it’s not afraid to think outside the box. Take the chilli con carne pot pie, for example, which is served with guacamole, sour cream and pitta. 

It sounds so wrong but it tastes so right.

Putney Pies’ sweet pies hit the mark too; you won’t be disappointed by their banoffee pie oozing with caramel.

On most Friday and Saturday nights the Vault at Putney Pies hosts live music – so why not go for a pie dinner and stay for some brilliant evening entertainment?




Pieminister is a specialist pie company and restaurant based in Bristol with shops across the country. Its Farringdon franchise offers a unique range of meat, vegan, and vegetarian pies made from sustainable and free range ingredients.

The ‘Mooless Moo’ offers a tasty vegan take on the classic steak and ale pie, with jackfruit as the meat replacement. For meat lovers, the ‘Free Ranger’ combines chicken, ham and leek in a creamy and indulgent sauce.

All pies come served with gravy, but you can choose to get mash or mushy peas to accompany them. Add some crispy onions or cheese as a topping for some additional texture and flavour.

Holborn Dining Room



Holborn Dining Room offers an unforgettable meal service and some of the most luxurious pies in London. Each pie is individually hand crafted and requires 30 minutes of cooking time when ordered.

The pick of the bunch is the hand-raised pork pie, a truly artisanal take on a British classic. Served with a light gravy, the pie’s exquisite filling contains pork shoulder, smoked bacon, fennel and sage, with the lid twisted delicately into plaits.

Holborn Dining Room is also home to The Pie Room which provides possibly the most exclusive pie dining experience in London. The private lavish dining room features an array of pie moulds and is available solely subject to enquiry.

The Hummingbird Bakery

Multiple Locations


Hungry for a sweet pie? Check out The Hummingbird Bakery, which opened its UK flagship branch in Notting Hill in 2004. Its American-style baked goods have been flying off the shelves ever since, with its pumpkin pie one of the best in London.

Each slice offers a sumptuous layer of pumpkin puree set in a buttery, golden crust. Topped with a generous layer of fluffy whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon, the pie is irresistible served hot or cold.

Every pie at Hummingbird is baked to order from scratch, so they require 48 hours’ notice for pie orders. Don’t be put off, though – this authentic American classic is worth the wait.

The Ivy 

Covent Garden


If you’re searching for some classic British comfort food, get yourself down to The Ivy in Covent Garden and order their unbeatable shepherd’s pie, which many consider to be the best in London. 

The stylish restaurant has brought life to classic British dishes since 1917 and has clearly perfected their shepherd’s pie during that time. The pie is served in a perfectly round disc atop a shallow pond of delicious gravy.

But what about the age-old question: beef or lamb? The Ivy answers it diplomatically, with equal parts beef and lamb mince combining to create a rich meat base. Mushrooms, carrots, veal stock, red wine, thyme and more complete the filling which is balanced by a creamy mashed potato topping.

G Kelly 



A list of the best pies in London wouldn’t make sense without a good old serving of pie, mash and liquor. Founded in 1939, G Kelly in Mile End are expert purveyors of the east London staple.

At G Kelly’s the handmade minced beef pies are filled bountifully, the mash is smooth and the parsley sauce – known as liquor – is well-seasoned. While the family-run restaurant is faithful to tradition, it caters for all with its vegan options, including a great soya-mince pie.

The restaurant also serves other east London classics such as jellied eels and fruit crumble which are definitely worth a try.

The Old Bank of England

City of London



Though the Old Bank of England is located on Fleet Street, their pies are far from being ‘the worst pies in London’ – give yourself a pat on the back if you understand that reference. 

This pub was constructed in 1886 and was occupied by the actual Bank of England until 1975; it’s said the Crown Jewels were once held in the vaults beneath the pub.

Their tasty handcrafted pies come with a choice of creamy mash or triple-cooked chips. Aside from the obvious classics like steak and ale and chicken and leek, the vegan spiced cauliflower and lentil pie is well worth a try, the vegetable filling is infused expertly with lush Indian spices.

The Old Bank of England’s high ceilings, impressive artwork, and unique location in the heart of London’s financial district ensures a memorable lunch or dinner.

Bob Bob Ricard



Bob Bob Ricard is a swish restaurant in Soho decorated in opulent art deco style, with uniformed waiting staff serving up French and British inspired cuisine. It’s also home to one of the most indulgent pies in London.

Their chicken and Champagne pie puts an upmarket twist on the classic chicken and mushroom. Shiitake mushrooms, leeks, and caramelised onion combine with chicken and a Champagne velouté within a shining golden puff pastry casing embossed with the restaurant’s name.

And if you’re not sufficiently impressed by the pie, which is served with a truffle gravy, just make sure to push the ‘press for Champagne’ button on your table. 

Yes, we’ll repeat that – a button on your table that will bring you Champagne.

Maggie Jones’s



Looking for a comforting taste of the British seaside? The homely Maggie Jones’s in Kensington has got you covered with their fish pie which is a strong contender for the best in London.

Maggie’s Fish Pie is a luscious and nourishing classic, replete with haddocks, prawn, and mushrooms in a bubbling and creamy roux. A nicely golden mash topping completes the dish, which is guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

The rustic eatery’s menu features plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, as well as other quintessentially British pies such as the shepherd’s pie and the steak and kidney. But the fish pie has Maggie’s name attached to it for a reason – it’s undoubtedly the signature dish of this enchanting restaurant.

Practical Tips for Eating Your Way Around the Best Pies in London

  • Remember, the inside of the pie is always as hot as it looks – take a few moments to admire the pie’s steaming-hot appearance instead of burning the roof of your mouth
  • If you’re exploring East London’s famous pie and mash shops, make sure to learn the difference between gravy and liquor – some of the pie chefs can get disgruntled if you ask for gravy!

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