Strep A scarlet fever: Lewisham identified as hotspot

Figures show that Lewisham is among authorities in London with the highest scarlet fever cases.

The data, which is released by the UK Health Security Agency, shows Lewisham has highest toll in London with four infections.

Bexley reported one, Bromley recorded one, while Greenwich also reported two across south east London.  

A total of 25 the more serious invasive Strep A disease has been recorded in whole of the UK. 

None were reported in south east London. 

All the figures were reported in the seven days up to December 18.  

A 12-year-old child from Lewisham had died from the invasive strep A bacterial infection on November 29.

The child was a year 8 student who attended Colfe’s School in Lee.

Scarlet fever is caused by a bacteria called Group A Streptococcus, also known as Strep A. 

The vast majority of Strep A infections are mild but occasionally a serious invasive infection can be caused.

A more common result of Strep A is scarlet fever, and more cases of scarlet fever than usual are being seen in the UK for the time of year.

Symptoms of scarlet fever include sore throat, headache, and fever, along with a fine, pinkish or red body rash with a “sandpapery” feel. 

A total of 9,482 cases of scarlet fever were reported in England and Wales in the week up to December 18, according to UKHSA. 

The full list of infections recorded in each borough in the week up to December 18 is as follows:

Bexley: One infection

Bromley: None

Greenwich: Two infections

Lewisham: Four infections

Kensington and Chelsea: One infection

Newham: One infection

Southwark: Three infections

Wandsworth: Two infections

Westminster: One infection

Croydon: One infection

Ealing: One infection

Hounslow: One infection

Kingston Upon Thames: One infection

Merton: One infection

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