Agency duo combine to take ownership of London branch…

Two members of Ellis & Co’s Mill Hill team have joined forces to takeover the office following the death of its previous owner Jatender Chaggar last year.

Paul Glass and Adam Wolman have a combined 60 years of experience.

For Glass, the move into branch ownership comes after seven years as Ellis & Co Mill Hill’s lettings manager, while Wolman has spent the past nine years running the sales department alongside Chaggar.

All existing staff have been retained in the resale, alongside Ellis & Co Mill Hill’s The Broadway headquarters.

Glass said: “It’s been quite a journey for both Adam and I in Mill Hill and while taking on the branch is tinged with immense sadness, we’re determined to both continue and expand on the amazing work done by Jatender Chaggar.

“Jatender had worked for Ellis & Co since the 1980s and had owned the Mill Hill branch since 1995, growing it into what it is today, and he is sadly missed by all of us.”
Ellis & Co managing director Rob Smith added: “Jatender was a fantastic figurehead for Ellis & Co Mill Hill and I know both Adam and Paul will ensure the branch’s amazing success continues.

“Their experience is second to none and having worked in the business for so long, they’ll hit the ground running and ensure Ellis & Co’s customers continue to benefit from the incredible customer service the office is renowned for.”

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