First Picture of Heroic Gravesend dog handler security guard fighting for her life after Brixton Crush as three remain critical in a London hospital

A close family member who has named the 23-year-old from Gravesend as Gaby Hutchinson said that she was crushed and thought to be dead at one point after 3,000 breached the front door of the Brixton Venue on Thursday evening.  Speaking from their home in Kent they revealed that Gaby’s parents and her partner are at her bedside. The family are preparing and has been told by medics that is touch and go. Gaby’s on life support and all she was doing was out doing her job when she was crushed and trampled on.


First Picture Of Dog Handler Security Guard Fighting For Her Life After Brixton Crush

The poor girl is only in her early twenties. She who working as a dog handler to support her young family.  Is in ICU at St Thomas hospital initially had a heart attack at the scene after being trampled on by the crowd, and was left on the floor unresponsive (classified dead) 30 minutes before medical help, arrived. The concerned family member said she’s currently in a coma with severe bleeding to the brain. It has been very touch and go  It’s possible she won’t pull through.

The family have been told by medical staff that she has suffered a very serious brain injury and if she pulls through she will be severely brain damaged, they’ve also discussed turning the life support machine off.


Chief Superintendent Colin Wingrove, policing commander for Lambeth and Southwark, spoke at Brixton Police station on the O2 Brixton Academy incident.

“Firstly, I’d like to extend my thoughts to all those that have been affected by last night’s incident and those that have been injured. Having seen some of the really upsetting images on social media our thoughts are with them.

“Police were called by staff at the O2 Academy on Stockwell Road last night at about half past nine following reports that a large number of people were attempting to force entry to the venue.

“Officers, London Ambulance Service and London Fire Brigade all attended and people were found with injuries believed to have been caused by crushing.

“Some of our officers provided first aid and CPR to members of the public in order to save lives.

“Eight people were taken to hospital with what are thought to be crushing injuries and our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families.

“An urgent investigation is currently underway led by detectives from our Specialist Crime Command and cordons remain in place as officers continue to work at the scene.

“I am sure you can appreciate this is still a fast-moving and evolving picture and we are working to establish the events that led up to last night’s incident.

“We are also aware of a vast amount of footage on social media and of course, this will be examined as part of the investigation along with body-worn video that officers have as well.

“We are working incredibly closely with our partners and community members and would like to thank them for their support so far in the investigation and for people coming forward with information.

“We mentioned some of the images being circulated on social media. I can confirm that an incident involving one of our officers apparently seen to push a member of the public is currently under review by our Directorate of Professional Standards and another incident where a member of the public was seen to assault an officer has led to the arrest of that member of the public.

“I can also confirm that there were no police dogs or dog handlers at the scene last night.

“I’d like to just make the point that London has a number of concerts and events that take place every day, every single week and every single year. These are run by event organisers and a police presence is not usual. We were called to the scene last night and we are working with our partners to establish the cause of the incident.

“We are establishing an online portal on our website later today. There were 4,000 potential witnesses present at the time of this incident and we want to urge any members of the public with information to come forward. We need your information as we try to establish what happened as quickly as we can.”

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