Breaking: Just Stop Oil protests bring London traffic to standstill in Borough | UK | News

Just Stop Oil protesters have caused more traffic mayhem this morning with a march along busy roads through the capital.

An estimated 20 climate protesters have been filmed marching through Southwark, south London, at around 8am. A cyclist was just involved a “near miss” with a Mercedes at the protest, according to reports.

Drivers, stuck in queues up to one kilometre long through the capital, have “tooted horns loudly and some wound their windows down to shout ‘f*** off’,” it is reported.

But Sam Griffiths, a 47-year-old designer who has joined the demonstration, said: “I feel sick seeing how little is happening to address climate breakdown, the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced.

“And our Government is actively making things worse. Granting over 100 new oil licences is indefensible.

“I started actively supporting Just Stop Oil after we had 40°C in the UK for the first time in recorded history.

“It scared the sh** out of me. I looked at my boy and realised I couldn’t just continue to do nothing.”

The protesters are waving large orange banners, reports My London.

This latest protest comes as part of their 17 days of action against new oil and gas licences. The group promised to march out on the streets of London from November 28 to December 14.

Just Stop Oil activists tucked themselves into a Harrods display bed while protesting in the high-end Knightsbridge department store on Saturday.

Footage of so-called “warm up” demonstrations on Saturday also showed security guards confronting protesters lying on sofas inside the shop.

The eco-activists want action over “sky-rocketing” energy bills.

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