New housing development in the works for east London

If you’ve noticed the big, vacant lot at the corner of Hamilton Road and Gore Road in east London, you’re not alone. Many call it an eyesore, but Lynphyl Homes Limited, a home construction company, has proposed to transform the space into a modern housing development.

According to Deputy Mayor and Ward 2 City Councillor Shawn Lewis, the City of London recently received a planning application for 1154 Hamilton Rd. The applicant is seeking a zoning by-law amendment that would allow them to transform the lot into a residential area.

The construction company envisions three stacked townhouse buildings, each three stories high, which will bring a total of 34 new housing units to east London.

Lewis says that this type of proposal has been long awaited by the public.

“Even before I was a city councillor, when I was involved as the chairperson of the Argyle Community Association, this property has been one that there’s been a real desire in the neighbourhood to be re-developed for a long time. It just has not worked as a commercial retail space,” Lewis said. “It’s been a grocery store, it’s been a bingo hall, it’s been a buffet restaurant. It’s been, for several years now, a vacant eyesore. So to see a proposal come forward that recognizes that a change of use is needed here… I think that’s a wonderful step forward.”

Situated near Meadowlily Woods and Tweedsmuir Public School, Lewis believes this location would be ideal for young families looking to settle down in the area. He also believes the price point of these town homes should be digestible for those seeking out their first housing opportunity.

The planning application is still in its very early stages. According to Lewis, timelines for these types of re-development projects can vary.

“It’s really hard to put a number on it. Sometimes it’s really fast, sometimes there’s a whole lot of minor changes that need to happen and it can take a few months. In a best-case scenario, there could potentially be shovels in the ground as soon as this time next year.”

The full proposal can be seen on the City of London website.

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