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Media regulator Ofcom has said that while the BBC is still highly valued by a majority of Brits, the broadcaster is failing to reach younger and less privileged audiences who have “persistently felt underserved by the BBC”. The broadcaster has said it will be commissioning content such as “lighter drama and comedy-drama, as well as factual entertainment competition formats and sports documentaries” in order to attract more working-class people.

GB News Presenter Mark Dolan held a segment about the BBC on Monday evening and criticised the announcement.

He said: “The national state broadcaster, the BBC, is in the news again.

“It is seeking to dumb down its content to accommodate what’s being described as a ‘dwindling working-class audience.’”

Mr Dolan continued: “How will they do this? By commissioning what can only be described as shows for thickos. Or something they’re calling ‘light dramas’, whatever the hell they are, and more competition formats and sports documentaries.

“Do they think we’re stupid? The answer is probably yes they do.”

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Mr Dolan also criticised the license fee, where here every British household that watches live television or uses BBC iPlayer pays £159 a year.

He said: “The BBC is to plunge further depths by making cheap telly for dunces. Or at least that’s how they see them.

“Now the beeb generates almost four billion pounds a year from the licence fee. Which somehow, they try to frame as good value for money.

“Do me a favour, here at GB News, we have a seven-day-a-week operation which has a budget which would barely keep Gary Linacre in gold cufflinks.

“The money that pays for this network is loose change that the beeb could find down the back of their sofa.”

The GB News Presenter also said that he wants the BBC to continue despite some of the company’s issues.

He said: “Now the BBC has a great legacy and some great programmes.

“I don’t want to axe it, we have invested in the BBC for years and it has produced some of the greatest drama, sporting coverage, documentaries, comedies and music programmes that the world has ever seen.”

He added: “Dare I say it, I love the BBC but I don’t love its management. I don’t love its political bias. And I don’t love its funding model.

“No longer can it be justified to threaten cash-strapped pensioners with jail for not forking out 160 quid a year, much of which gets splurged on overpaid talent who wouldn’t get anything like the deal they’re on anywhere else.”

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Mr Dolan criticised the BBC for having what he described as a “mentality which is firmly rooted in north London.”

He said: “The beeb can be a great success because it has a great history. But it needs to become the British broadcasting cooperation again, representing the whole of Britain.

“Yes, its diverse culture, but also its diverse values, its diverse politics, its diverse tastes, and its diverse opinions.”

He added later in the segment: “The BBC in my view must stay. But it needs to in my opinion, deliver more bang for its buck, ditch the partisan coverage, the virtue signalling and the finger-wagging, and just inform, educate and entertain.

“And it could do that, in my view, with a fraction of its current budget.”

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